19 October 2005


(photo: We're married!)

(photo: Oh my God. We're married.)

EDGARTOWN -- Neither monsoons nor windswept drizzle could stop this party. When it looked like the nuptials may be a total washout, we learned from the bride & groom that timing is everything. Mike D. & Gen -- two soulmates who after loving each other most of their lives were finally able to get it together this past year -- exchanged vows RIGHT ON TIME – weather notwithstanding, weather rendered totally irrelevant.

The tents at 148 Main were not uprooted by high winds and the accompanying atmosphere of carnival rolled along effortlessly beneath them with a feast for all the senses. The music was live, the food was succulent, and the spirit of good friends -- old and new -- was ablaze, with everyone throwing shapes on the dance floor around the newlyweds. Of course, the bottomless glasses of vino were consumed en masse and by night’s end, I was transformed into a mercurial flower child named Poncho. Luckily, I was in very good company -- even Jimmy danced to “Feverrrrr” when a wedding guest took the mic.

It was merriment at its finest, as it always is with this particular crowd.

After the band’s last song, everyone headed over to the Wharf to continue the frolic. And since nothing says love and fidelity like a good old-fashioned barroom brawl, one was conjured up -- as if by sorcery -- as a wedding gift for Mike D. While simpler mortals who view this world in black & white would have seen this as a downer, for Mike D., it was the cherry atop his ice cream sundae. “That was grrreat. That was awesome,” he said to his bride, shortly thereafter. Indeed it was Mike, and thanks. A lifetime of happiness to Mike and Gen. xoxo

And now for some snapshots...

Somewhere out there, someone is in possession of the "after" to this lovely "before" shot of Katie, me and Apryl.

With our Mike D., any dance moves that begin this way...

...inevitably end up looking something like this.

Drunkety Drunk: J&K are on their way to the Wharf but my alter-ego Poncho, in a glassy-eyed trance, pipes up "Let's go ride ponies in the rain!"

Apryl's SHOCKER!!! Oh..hello Peter.


wmd said...

1) I wish I looked as good in pictures as K and J

2) Glad to see the spirit of the shocker continues to grow and make new friends. Nice work Apryl. Pay it forward Bags, pay it forward.

3) Any guy named Mike D. deserves a hearty congratulations. Congratulations Mike D.!

KJ said...

WMD-I believe you are the next Mike D. to walk down the aisle! CANNOT WAIT!

james said...

I hope the next Mike D. doesn't decide to take a few swings after the wedding.

wmd said...

My cummerbund will say "Ass-Kicker!" on it.