04 October 2005


There is breaking news in the Pointy Universe and the news is wildly superlative. Lauren and Mike -- otherwise known in the P.U. as LP and WMD -- got engaged in Newport over the weekend. While this development is sure to be a euphoric ride for the newly betrothed, it will also enrich the lives of their vast circles of friends who love them. To see these two together is to see true happiness, soulmates, and a bond that transcends any cliched idea of what love is. Love is LP and Mike. On their own, they are the kind of people you feel lucky to know and have in your life. Together, they radiate this sentiment and it touches everyone around them. Love & congratulations to you both.


wmd said...

KJ, know that the mere words "thank you" represent the greatest of meaning. I cannot thank you and the rest of the crew enough for your sentiments, well wishes and celebrations. You guys are the best. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Mike D.and the future LD. Yes thats Lauren Dell'Olio as in "May I have some more Raviolis Mrs. Dell'Olio".

LP said...

Oh, I might cry. To KJ and all, thank you for the tremendous outpouring of love and support for WMD and me. I could not be happier or feel more loved.

KJ: we will always go dancing!

SB said...

CONGRATS! I'm very happy for the both of you.

LP -- thanks for calling me to share the news. Mind if I share the conversation with the others?

LP: Hey SB, how was your weekend?
SB: It was GREAT LP! Sox game Friday, golfing Saturday, it was great!
LP: Huh, nice job SB. HA - FOOL! I got engaged!

OK... there's some exaggeration in there. But nonetheless funny if you were there and again CONGRATULATIONS MIKE & LAUREN!

doctoreama said...

True love rules.

wmd said...

If any of you boys want to say congrats but not go over the top, you may want to purchase one of my greeting cards...only $9.95

BAGS said...

WMD, Jaime and I will include you in our weekly meeting on becoming the best husbands possible. Next week's topics include:
1)When Yes means Yes,
2)When No means Yes,
3)When silence means no,
4)House Cleaning and You,
5)Pillow Talk,
6)When not to pick up the phone,
7)How many drinks do you think are enough?
8)Seasonal flowers to buy for the love of your life.

wmd said...

Dying at that... oh, you're serious?..

doctoreama said...

Talk about a money-making idea, dudes! Women (not any of our friends, of course) would pay MILLION to have their spouses edu-ma-cated on how to be better husbands.