30 May 2006

Look Out, It's a Cookout

SUNDAY -- We officially kicked off the season of the impromptu cookout at Jess'& Joe's Whortleberry compound in Scituate, where over some horseshoes and hotdogs, we revelled in our collective escape from domestic captivity. Everything felt lighter: It was the first Memorial Day in recent memory that was above 70 degrees and didn't involve hooded sweatshirts and hot tea. Also, it was our first outing that didn't require two cars and a sherpa's load of baby gear. We tossed a few Dora pull-ups, sippy cups and a big bottle of Cavit in a bag and were good to go. All told, it was a lovely afternoon of some much-needed chilling. One surprise: The Shocker, unseen since last summer, reared its foam finger. Bags brought it along for Scott C. who needs it for a sales meeting. Let's hope he's not brought up on charges.

(PATIO WONDERLAND. Sit back and enjoy the vino but keep your distance from the buffalo mozzarella sweating on a nearby table)

(Paulie gives it up to Bags after shotgunning a juicebox)

(Paulie says "EMMMMA!" Ben says "SHOCKER!!")

(Nicy and Annie)

(Dell'Olios note that Emma always smells so fresh)

(A scene straight out of King of the Hill if the men were wearing wife beaters and drinking Schlitz)

(It's all about the bulkhead)

(Recreational family photos)

And on MONDAY -- Caroline & Paulie kicked off their own tradition of planting it on the seawall, waiting for the ice cream man, and becoming completely unglued when he arrives.


SB said...

Joe/Jess - thank you for having us over and keeping us well fed with food and drink. We had a great time and enjoyed your home, patio and plush yard!

KJ.. I'm glad to see that even on the Jackson Family Seawall, Paulie's grip on the juice container has yet to subside.

Code Red said...

I STILL become unglued when the ice cream man arrives! Thanks Jess and Joe for a great day. Baron was luggage after spending the day frolicking in your yard with Logan and Emma. He wants a yard now...I told him to get a job.

jal said...

Code Red - Baron is welcome in our yard with Ava anytime! We need to plan a meeting at the beach!

LP Dell'Olio said...

Lovely time as always, Jess & Joe. We must be maturing as this was the first gathering on Whortleberry where late-night dancing was not on the menu. I DID, however, completely stuff my face with what WAS on the menu and the viddles were outstanding. Fun, fun, fun running amok with the kiddies as well. Good times!

Anonymous said...

Lovely time! Even a blowout by Cam all over SAC couldn't have ruined the day. Isn't it great that Paulie is talking to the nice puppy and my son is screaming SHOCKER. It is even more disturbing that I was screaming the same thing at Auntie's bachelorette with foam finger in hand not too long ago. Yikes!