10 May 2006

"What a Difference a Day Made"

Last Saturday, LP "get married" -- not to oily bohunk but a great man "of the oil." Their first dance as the Dell'Olios, their wedding song: Jamie Cullum's What a Difference a Day Made . Indeed it did. Congratulations, LP & Mike! We love you large.

It would take weeks to document the unbelievable good times spent with pals last weekend so I'll relay them in the flashes that are playing on a continuous loop inside my head:

* Shangri-La-La * Make-Up! (buuufff)* Peetah = Incandescent * LP's denim-choked neighbors staking out the front yard with a video cam * Prince Harry * Dr. G. * Trolley ride with Lisa, Trolley ride with Lynn * Andree and I deeply inhaling our bouquets at random or during especially poignant moments * Curb your wine * Nicola telling James to stop "busting her balls" during the cocktail hour * Dreama's half-serious pursuit of Prince "call me when you're legal" Harry * Swinging out to the musical stylings of Evan Goodreau with choreo by the Cyrs * Good spirits with Cameo * Jess's butt's dancefloor debut 2006 * BG's awesome Vanilla Ice moves * LP's "groove face" (see photos) * Trying to get T-Bag to wear my hair piece * Running barefoot through the hallways of the Marriott with Annie, the Bags, Cameo, Jess and Paige like the Wonder Pets * And of course, the giddy realization that LP & WMD are now married, a fact that is quite possibly as blissful to their friends as it is to them.

These are my flash memories. Please feel free to share your good times from the LP-WMD nuptials here any time.

And now for some candids...

Grazi to Code Red & T-Bag for sharing the photos.


Code Red said...

Congratulations LP (now LD) and Mike!! It's always a pleasure to watch two people get married who are obviouly so happy together. You bring out the best in each other!

I'm hoping you're not experiencing the kind of weather we're having on that cruise! If so, just drink more and relax. XO

KJ said...

Two houses just went up for sale in my neighborhood.

lp said...

We're home! Oh, how we've missed you all. It took me all of 8 minutes to dash from the cab through the rain and onto the laptop to check out the P.U. We had an incredible time with y'all at the wedding and reception. Thank you for making it such smashing good fun. The honeymoon was wonderful. Bermuda is beautiful. Only 2 days of sun during the trip, but we soaked up every ray, sailing & snorkling around beautiful Bermuda. On the ship, we lived the lifestyles of the "newly wed, overfed and nearly dead," on the Norwegian Majesty...eating, drinking, playing bingo, etc. Somehow we were labeled as VIP's and were invited to the Captain's table for dinner. For a laugh, come over and I'll show you the picture.