01 May 2006

Scenes from a Saturday

Scene 1: Last weekend, Caroline was sour at me. She didn't understand why she couldn't tag along on LP’s bachelorette party and stay over at Auntie Di’s “brick house” too. So this Saturday, we took her on tour, starting in Southie.

(photo: Baron and his bitches)
First, we stopped in to see Nicola who, having gone ass over teakettle in the middle of Kneeland Street the previous day, was unable to walk around Castle Island with us. In true Nic fashion, she’d halted traffic in Chinatown with her dramatic wipe-out yet did not spill an ounce of her coffee.

Then, we met Cameo, Annie and Baron for the requisite hot dog luncheon at Sullivans before setting off for our walk.

By the time she’d polished off her Fudgsicle dessert at Di’s brick house, Caroline was punchy and she who never sleeps was passed out cold in the car before we even reached Day Boulevard.

Scene 2: Later that afternoon, we headed to Chez Bags in Cohasset for a lil cookout -- which my wee brown babies quickly hijacked, forcing all of the adults outside to for a spirited game of let’s run up and down the hill over and over and over again.

LP cannot contain her excitement that she is getting married next weekend and without warning – totally flips out, running up and down the hill over and over and over again.

Carrie and Paul decided to leverage LP’s glee and coaxed her into a game of extreme hide and seek. Note Caroline hiding behind tree in conspicuous yellow sweater.

James and WMD stand guard to prevent any tree collisions/emergency room visits. Auntie & Bags look on as Paulie runs up the hill for the 109th time.

Back inside, Baron became quite savvy in the “you lick it, you own in” method of snack procurement while Caroline learned that “Swiper no swiping” doesn’t work on puppies.

Scene 3: James and I left early to drop the kids home and headed back out to meet the O’Browns for dinner at Mount Blue in Norwell. We had a smashing time, of course. Unfortunately, scene 3 went undocumented as my camera’s batteries died during cocktail hour.


Celine said...

Good times....good times....You'll all be glad to know that Keith stuck to his word and proceeded to eat a large quantity of B&M Beans yesterday while we polished off some leftover barbecue eats. You know where this is headed...I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

KJ said...

So sorry to hear that, Auntie. Have a deep well of empathy for you there. Thanks for the grub! I think Paulie ate all of your chocolate chip cookies.

wmd said...

Nice work Bags. I expect no less.