26 May 2006

Philosophy Friday: Little Pigs, Little Pigs

I receive the "philosophy quote of the day" via e-mail every morning. Usually, they're fairly new-agey or cliched but every now and then I get one like this that warrants sharing:

"Don't roll around in the mud with the pigs. You both get dirty and the pigs like it."

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend and/or see you at Jess's on Sunday.


wmd said...


I think you're using the wrong link for philosophical ponderings.

Carlin provides far more consciousness-expanding contemplations, like "if a mute swears does his mother wash his hands with soap?" or "if 4 out of 5 poeple suffer from diarrhea does that mean one enjoys it?"... 12:42pm on Friday, first diarrhea joke of the week... I am waayyy behind schedule.

KT said...

Love Carlin. I especially love his musings on why, when reaching into a bread bag, we tend to reach down past the first few slices bread until we reach "the good bread". What we're really saying is, "Let my family eat the rotten bread! I'm looking out for Numero Uno!"

Wishing you all "the good bread" this lovely holiday weekend.

KJ, see you at Tumblekids Beachfest 2006. Twenty-two four year olds, buttercream frosting and a trampoline. Oy vey.

KJ said...

OK..I'm changing my go-to site for philosophy. This is way better.

KT-See you tomorrow. I may need to be medicated after this party.

WMD-see you sunday in SCI.