28 May 2006

You Say Tomato...

Caroline declares victory after planting her very own parsley, basil and one mac daddy of a tomato plant.

NOTE: In case you're wondering why I'm using early 90s urban adjectives: I was listening Kris Kross this morning.


jal said...

TO-MA-TOES will make you ... JUMP JUMP!!!

KT said...

Hats off to Curly Carrie! Way to go Tomato Princess.

So great to see you all at TumbleFest 2006. My kids were so sugared up that Mekhi nearly exploded on the way home. Apparently, we weren't paying much attention as he wolfed down three kid's abandon pieces of cake (topped with 2" of buttercream sugary goodness). Crazy.

And sorry I haven't added my two cents on the Herr Hairy Hasselhoff scandal. I've just now stopped shaking.

LPD said...




Uh-huh Uh-huh

Nice work, Carrie. We'll make up a pasta sauce this summer. MMMMMmmm