28 June 2006

Auntie's Dream Diary 2

In last night's pregnancy dream, Auntie found herself doing yoga with Manny Ramirez. To her dismay, he appeared quite lazy and unmotivated in his poses. Luckily, both Auntie and Manny regained their strength and motivation after they (the yoga studio, she presumes) served crepes at the break.

Bags is beginning to wonder if these dreams somehow transcend pregnancy, that perhaps there's an undetected gas leak in the house.


Cameo said...

I, for one, am thoroughly enjoying Auntie's dream diary. Thanks for sharing, Bags (and Auntie, of course). There's got to be a way that we can make this into a drinking game in Nantucket!

BAGS said...

Double D,
I orginally thought that the drinking game was causing Auntie's whacked out visions, but she's been sober since December.

KJ said...

I'm wondering if last night's dream involved Pedro Martinez. Perhaps he and Auntie made some burritos using Papi's mango salsa as a key ingredient. Does anyone know where to find that recipe? I want to whip up a batch on the island.