08 June 2006

BOULOS TURNS 2! Tell Your "Driends"

June 8, 2004 at 9:33 a.m. Paulie's arrival in this world brought much joy as well as a plethora of nicknames: Paulie Walnuts. Boulos. Crap Master P. Brit Pop. Bunkledunk. Paulie Bear Banana. The Milkman. The Napper. The list goes on and on as he is loved by all who observe him.

Birthday Fun Facts: Paulie often smells like maple syrup because he loves to eat pancakes with his hands. His favorite song is "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter which he forced us to download and play ad infinitum. Whenever he wakes up from his nap, Caroline, the non-napper, launches into Eminem: "Guess who's back. Back again. Paulie's back. Tell your driends."

Happy Birthday, Boulos!

FYI: Boulos is Arabic for Paul


wmd said...

Happy B-Day to the little big man!! The kid's the best. As recipient of the coveted Burncoat High 1988 Best Smile superlative, I pass the torch on to Boulos. The kid's got me beat by a mile.

Happy Birthday Paulie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Paulie !! We love you !
See you soon (hopefully!)
THe Kielys

Cameo said...

Happy Birthday Boulous. Come to Southie where we'll toast the terrible twos over fudgicles!

Godmomma said...

Dammit, that kid is too freakin' cute for words. Happy Birthday, Paulie Walnuts. Love you tons. xoxoxoxo

Celine said...

Happy Birthday Paulie!! On to bigger & better things in your 3rd year of life, Woohooo!

SB said...

Happy B-Day Paulie! I love maple syrup too.

JAL said...

What else can I say but to wish the big "B" the happiest of Birthdays!!! You're awesome kid!