02 June 2006

Cream Shop Friday: D.W.W.I

(Cory Favreau gets book thrown at him after opening a can of whup-ass on his McPheeverish Mom)

Since fewer things say “family fun” than getting shitfaced with your mom, Cory Favreau & Jan Chagnon of Plattsburgh, NY engaged in a classic mother-and-son boozefest while watching the American Idol finale together on Wednesday night.

Apparently, Chagnon (mom) and Favreau (son), while heavily intoxicated, were discussing the two finalists when the mom said that Katharine McPhee would have a successful career despite losing to Taylor Hicks. Favreau allegedly stood up, made a nasty comment to his mom and then struck her in the head with a sharp object hooked to a bicycle chain.

Defamer.com reports that “the McPheever-beset Chagnon knew her son was a Taylor Hicks fan, but she had no reason to believe her comments would incite him to swing his cherished Official Soul Patrol™ Mama-Whuppin' Chain with optional dangling, puncture-wound inflicting object, accompanied by the threateningly 'nasty comment' that he was going to 'warp your motherin' skull just like Katharine warps the high notes!'

To be pondered in the Cream Shop: Is this a sign of an increasingly warped pop culture, the Apocalypse, or just a typical mid-week drunken scuffle among northeast rednecks in places like Plattsburgh, NY. Also, why did this guy have a bicycle chain resting on a coaster alongside his Busch Light?

While an unfortunate occurrence, this incident will – at the very least – raise awareness on the dangers of Drinking While Watching Idol.

Cream Shop Friday is a periodic feature on this blog detailing the biggest distraction of the week.


james said...

Everytime Paulie sees this guys picture he says Daddie. Nice

LPD said...

Ironically, a similar situation unfolded years ago during some mother-daughter bonding over a few glasses of pinot grigio with Peg. I suggested that Ruben Stoddard could poop a bigger star than Clay Aiken and, out of NOWHERE, she chased me around the house with a pair of nunchaku... I never pressed charges.

WHAT a complete criminally-insane lunatic. LOOK at that guy's eyes. [shudder] Perhaps it is good that more Americans (like him) vote for Idol than for President...