18 June 2006

You Say It's Your Birthday

Paul McCartney wrote the tune "When I'm Sixty Four" at a time when your 64th birthday marked the year you started plowing into farmers' markets with your Buick LeSabre and taking out a few pedestrians.

Today, Sir Paul turns 64 and his life resembles that of someone half his age. He's not "losing his hair" or "knitting by the fireside," but playing to sold-out stadiums worldwide. He married -- and is now divorcing -- Heather Mills who is in her 30s. Instead of bouncing grandchildren "Vera, Chuck and Dave" on his knee, he's caring for a two-year-old daughter named Beatrice. On top of all this, he still devotes time to a number of humanitarian causes, including breast cancer research in honor of Linda, the woman he'd hoped to putter away with in old age. Happy Birthday, Paul. You don't look a day over 32 -- on paper, at least.

I believe the theme song for our generation's sextegenarians will be another song from Sgt. Pepper's, "Getting Better." (except for the part about beating one's woman, of course). If not, I propose "Big Balls" by AC/DC.


lpd said...

An icon turns 64. Happy Birthday, Sir Paul. You continue to inspire.

My dad and I were at the 1992 Tripping the Live Fantastic show where Paul (and Linda) had the whole stadium up on their seats - young and old, Wings fans and Beatles fans alike. Steve and I were screaming on our chairs like everyone else and it was, he said, just like seeing The Beatles in '64. One of my favorite memories.

KJ said...

I'm certain that Steve has formed a jam band with George and John. Absolutely certain.