26 June 2006

El Sarape and Pearl Jam with Cilantro

For the Drinans second night out since the birth of Baby George 13 weeks ago, we met up at El Serape, a little Mexican hacienda on Weymouth Landing. From the outside, the restaurant looks as suspicious as Marion's Shoes, like a front for a more unseemly venture. (Perhaps the sale of illegal lawn darts, Bags?) Inside, however, it is festively painted in vibrant oranges, yellows and turquioses reminiscent of Dora the Explorer's bilingual talking house. On Saturday night, the place was packed. Right after we were seated, a strolling mariachi tore into the Cuban patriotic anthem "Guantanamera." One of the waiters harmonized along -- as did James, who after a few Dos Equis, experienced a total lyric recall from Mr. Player's spanish class in high school.

Over some guac and tequila, we had great discussions of the "newborn haze" and how the Sundance Channel's documentary "The Drug Years" kind of makes you want to take drugs. Then, Mike D. was suddenly distracted from his steak fajitas. He turned a cynical eye toward the musician and wondered aloud, "Is this Pearl Jam?" While it was a little difficult to decipher, the mariachi was indeed playing Pearl Jam's "Last Kiss" -- "Oh Where Oh Where Could My Baby Be." It was Pearl Jam with a dash of cilantro. Only on Weymouth Landing, noted Jimmy.

After dinner, we headed to Burton's Grille for a nightcap. The bellicose short guy from Thursday night was nowhere to be found. If he were, I'm sure Mike D. could have whipped up a nice barroom brawl for dessert.


BAGS said...

Believe it or not Kate, there are now websites selling Jarts (aka illegal lawn darts.)


I'm amazed that the Beaudin boys made it through childhood without any [visible] stab wounds from this classic childhood rite of passage.

wmd said...

El Serape (which is Spanish for "The Serape" is estupendo! LP and I had a great time there with SB and Keri a while ago. the music was great and we got the same set including the singing waiter and a remake about a dead chick. My favorite part was the guitarista who looked like he was lost and looking for the other 17 Gypsy Kings threw out a pickup line at Keri. Bless the Machismo!

p.s. Bags, is it too late to have jarts fedexed to Smugglers Luck? We can have a great "over the house" jarts tournament

SB said...

WMD - I enjoyed your comment of The Serape... reminds me of Farley's "The Nino". Excellent.

You can FedEx the jarts to Lovers Lane and I'm sure the Dirt Farmer will sign for them. Jealous. Did I say I was jealous? No. Not at all. Buhhh...

wmd said...

Thanks SB. I am original for many reasons. my jokes ain't one of them.

KJ said...

WMD-Who knew the Mexicans were so regimented? Next time, I'm requesting Corduroy.