07 February 2007

Boulos Confronts Bob the Builder Phobia

(Boulos is a little nervous as his sister boards the Bob the Builder bulldozer)

For reasons unknown, Boulos has long been terrified of Bob the Builder. Even the opening notes of the "Can We Fix it" theme song are enough to send him screaming from the room. For those unfamiliar with Bob, he's a computer generated claymation-like construction contractor with beady eyes. To Paulie's credit, Bob is kind of creepy. There are a number of ride-ons at the loathsome mall, one of which is a digger with Bob the Builder riding side saddle. Boulos wouldn't come within 10 feet of it until today. But in a strange twist, Paulie turned the tables on Bob, and faced his fears head-on. Here's how it played out:

He feels it out...

...then climbs aboard, refusing to make eye contact at first.

Finally, he comes face to face with his long-time nemesis.

And says, "He's nice."

Way to go, Paulie! As any recovery process, he is taking baby steps. When asked by his sister if he wanted a Bob the Builder DVD, he flipped out and took off running, screaming NO! NO! NO!


Anonymous said...

Good job Paulie Walnuts!!!

wmd said...

that kid's the best

lpd said...

"What about Bob?!" Go Paulie. Rock on with your baby steps, little man.