27 February 2007

Mighty Midgets 2007: A Redux

(Still shorties after all these years)

When the Owls gathered to roost at LPD's in Norwell over the weekend, they morphed into an entirely different breed of burrd: vultures. The transformation was not unlike like that of Blueberry the Chocolate Lab who "went all Dalmation" in Scituate many years ago. But few could blame us for our aggressive gorging as we were in the presence of a delectable smorgasboard of snackeroos. While we noshed, we rehashed -- with wine-out-the-nose laughter -- some WSC-era folklore like a roaming band of cackling minstrels.

"We're doing them now!": Cameo, Princessica and Lily on the importance of pelvic floor exercises.

An anecdote about Pint-Sized Stalker Corky Barboza puts Code Red in a glassy-eyed trance.

YUM! Annie and Auntie love hummus.


Yumyum said...

KJ: I am trying to determine if your nose is cute or yucky. The nose is not good but your eyes make up for it.

KJ said...

Um...ok "yumyum" How 'bout just plain 'Pointy' - I'm working a theme here.

yumyum said...

I was only fooling around. All of you girls are adorable-meow.

KW said...

Kate - as I suspected - I was notified today that I had made the PU by your #1 Fan who shall remain anonymous. How fun!

Fellow Lady Owls (and Anne!;) - So great to see you all - I had a ball!

KJ said...

KW-Fun indeed! You need to be on the PU more often. It's good for traffic. (Yumyum up there, notwithstanding)

By now, I think Annie has switched burd breeds --from an Eagle to an Owl-- purely from the overexposure.

Code Red said...

I am always honored to be among the Lady Owls. Too bad I didn't opt to be an Owl in '87. I would've met my pals YEARS earlier and saved myself about $80K.

lpd said...

LOVED having you ladies in the house on Saturday night. Looking forward to doing it again soon.

Special howdy to Mrs. Wires, the PU's "Anonymous #1 Fan" ;)