02 February 2007

The Hog Has Spoken

(Nice grill, Phil!)

For only the 15th time since 1886, Punxsutawny Phil, rodent meteorologist, did not see his shadow. According to folklore, we are due for an early spring. If you ask me, the hog is down with Al Gore.

So am I. Check out the size of the snowmen the kids made last weekend.


sb said...

Those snowmen look like South Park's Mr. Hankey after a gallon of barium.

EPB said...

For years I always thought it strange that if the groundhog saw his shadow, meaning a sunny day, it would mean a longer winter and no shadow, meaning a cloudy day would indicate an early Spring. Thanks to Matt, Merideth, Al, and Ann this morning I found out that if the groundhog see's his shadow then it scares him back into his den for 6 more weeks; hence 6 more weeks of Winter. Am I the only person who didn't know that?

jal said...

YO EPB - thanks for that explanation! KJ - those are the most adorable snowmen eva!!! Those kids have some talent!

KJ said...

EPB: I never knew that. I wonder if the expression "afraid of your own shadow" also stems from the weather-predicting hog?

Ok..where are we going for your birthday next Friday? Let's make a plan. Do you want to do dBar again or mix it up?