08 February 2007


There you go. The Pointy Universe noted in a random quizzilla earlier this month that we were way overdue for an untimely celebrity death. This one was too easy and almost expected. I think Anna Nicole has been on the roster of everyone's unofficial dead pool since the late 90s. Perez Hilton is jump-starting a conspiracy theory that Howard K. Stern, Anna's boyfriend, lawyer and faux father of her six-month-old daughter is behind the deaths of both Anna and her son Daniel last year. His motive: Getting his furry paws on the millions she inherited from that octogenarian billionaire. I'll jump on that bandwagon. It wouldn't be too difficult to make the public and police believe that these people (especially!) died of self-induced drug overdoses. Messy.


jal said...

Interesting that Marilyn Monroe was 36 at her death and Anna Nicole was 39. There's got to be some sort of numbers thing going on there. I'm sure someone will put it out there soon. I just don't have the energy to figure it out on a Friday before my last week of work.

KJ said...

I'm sure it'll be numerologized to death! JAL-are you leaving your loathsome job? What's up? We must celebrate.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm admitting this on the PU, but here goes: Part of me was kind of relieved that she kicked it.

I know, it's terrible, but I was just so sick of her cartoonish mug and her drug-induced whining. Now, I'm being punished for these thoughts as EVERY MEDIA OUTLET (including CNN and my stupid elevator TV at work) have pretty much dedicated themselves to this story. Arrrrrgggggghhhhh!!

I agree with your theory though, KJ. I thought the same thing. First, her son, next Anna Nicole. Seems very convenient.