16 February 2007

Cream Shop Friday: The MEEZ

I'm writing a story on fashion avatars -- which are basically graphical representations of yourself that you can embed in programs like IM, MySpace, Facebook, blogs, online forums, etc. You can even add your avatar into the body of an email or to your email signature. In only a few years, these avatars have evolved from tiny animated smiley faces and immobile clip art to full-on 3D identities that you can dress and animate as well as assign moods and personality. You can change your look and mindset on a whim. You're free to be who you are or the person you've always wished you could be. You can be a punk rocker or a figure skater. Wear couture or acid washed jeans and a mesh half shirt. You can carry a Hermes handbag or a hockey stick. You can Breakdance or do the Thriller dance or sit slackjawed with an iPod. The combinations are infinite. That said, you can spend several hours in the Cream Shop assembling your online persona. I experimented on Meez.com this morning. I tried to make my avatar as close to my personality/look as possible but plan on reinventing myself as a lounge singer over the weekend.

In case you've forgotten, Cream Shop Friday is a periodic feature in the PU devoted to the biggest distraction of the week.


james said...

Not a bad representation but your Avatar is a much better dancer.

lpd said...

The Cream Shoppe is Back! YAH!

I am supposed to have a "time sensitive" deliverable out to a client today, and instead, I spent 20 minutes creating my meez...I love this thing


KJ said...

Ha ha Jimmy. Actually, they didn't have a selection for "dancing like Snoopy" so it was touch and go.

stevieb1 said...

spent my morning meezing I'm addicted

KJ said...

STEVIE B! That's so you. I LOVE IT! I gave James's avatar the same background as yours..he looks like a terrorist on skis, though. It's addicting, isn't it? We're building a whole community. Hope to see you soon...are you going to the DelVechhio's on Fri?