14 February 2007

Random Quizilla

1) What do you think about the snowstorm today?
By all accounts, it’s going to be more like a “filthy muck” storm on the South Shore later today. I’d rather be buried in 10 feet of snow than in three inches of partially-frozen filthy muck.

2) Have you been sick yet this winter?
Yes. I have to drop my daughter off at preschool (giant Petri dish) every day and since I don't own a hazmat suit, I’ve had a chronic cold since October. It’s nothing too intrusive; I just feel slightly under the weather and have been abusing Nyquil on a regular basis.

3) What is the ringtone on your cell phone?
“Jump”by Kris Kross. James got me a new phone after witnessing the humiliation I endured at the hands of my brother a few months ago. I used to cringe whenever my phone rang but now I bob and weave and flip it out proudly. 90s retro is so nerdy that it’s not. A wiggida wiggida wiggida wack.

4) On which reality show would you really like to be a contestant?
"Grease: You’re the One that I Want." It’s my accidental obsession this season.

5) In an alternate universe, I am enjoying a successful career as...
A storm chaser


SAC said...

Ahh the RANDOM QUIZZILLA! I love this!
1. As usual, the weathermen screwed it up. I wish I had their clothing allowance and their "futuristic" powers to use on the lottery.
2.Yes, a small cold just before Xmas. I use WalBorn, the Airborn knockoff, but priced right: The WalMart Way! :)
3. Ring tone is the least crappy one that I could find on my RaZor. However, my favorite ringtone was the Sanford and Son Theme that I had before my stupid RaZor.
4. The Telemundo version of Deal or No Deal. I have no idea how to speak Spanish and I think it would be fun.
5. a Ding Dong Cart driver.

BAGS said...

1)Today's storm was like the Sopranos last season, a lot of hype and no delivery.

2)I was sick once this winter, ended up going to New England Medical to get the oil checked.

3)No ringtone,it is on vibrate.

4)I'd love to be a camera guy for Breaking Bonaduce (should be called Breaking Bonadouche.) As I sit there and watch this, you're hoping he offs himself.

5)Make up consultant for 7NEWS Investigative Reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan. That would be a full time job with only upside potential.

KT said...

1. I have to agree that this has been yet another over-hyped snowstorm. It will likely just turn into brown muck and black ice which will make running on sidewalks even more of a death-defying act. Damn you, Dickie!

2. Nope! (Please envision me knocking on my skull at this point.)

3. "Who Can It Be Now" by Men At Work. It gets a chuckle in the right circles, frowns of confusion and disapproval in the wrong ones. Thinking of upgrading to the new Colin Hay tune, "Beautiful World".

4. "Project Runway". I would just love to make a whole fashion line out of shower curtains, bedspreads, lampshades and kitchen scraps. Fabulous show.

5. A belly dancer in an all-night Fallafel joint. Oh, to dream.

wmd said...

1) Was hoping for 6" of snow. Thaaaaaank goodness i paid full price for a snowblower this year that is now 25% off. without the snow, we got literally 8" of water in our front and side yard that froze overnight. Bring the kids over people, they can now skate.
2) yes, and it still burns when urinate...
3) just got a new phone so it's a standard one. I'm with SAC, i had sanford and son (and charles in charge) on my last one and may have to load it on this one.
4) Beauty and the Geek. I would be my own team.
5) Storm chaser, nice KJ, I'll see that and raise it to Storm "Trooper". I like the badass uniforms.