07 November 2005

1st Anniversary Bags: A Guest Blog from Bags!

(photo: "Shock me on the Bus": Auntie tears it up at her bachelorette party Oct '04)

The Bags Officially Turn One
A guest blog from Keith "Bags" Beaudin

It “un-officially” started when I walked up to Auntie - all suave - at Finagle-a-Bagel and made one of the memorable blunders that still haunts me to this day. On an autumn Sunday morning in 1995, I saw Celine standing in line with the look of wanting to be left alone. Being about as smooth as a four-headed kidney stone I went up to Auntie for some cordial conversation and said, “Hey, aren't you Joe Carroll’s younger sister? So how’s it going, Celeste?”

Little did I realize then, that 10 years later Auntie "Celeste" would become the future Mrs. Bags. Unbelievably, we’ve cruised past our first year wedding anniversary on this November 6th. Rather than focus on all the daily accolades of wedded bliss, Kate thought that I could enlighten the PU with some unique family experiences that have transpired over the past couple of years.

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore: Trying to do the honorable thing, I flew down to Fort Lauderdale to ask Mr. & Mrs. Carroll’s blessing for their daughter’s hand in marriage. Having never been to their winter home (ala Seinfeld-esque Del Boca Vista Active Senior Center) I punched in directions on Map Quest. One little problem, the directions that I received were 20 miles off and three towns away from where I needed to be. Driving through a neighborhood that resembled war-torn Fallujah, I quickly ascertained that Joe and Peg were not active members of this particular community, (nor were they selling crack from the address that the local cops were raiding as I was pulling up.) Luckily I was able to get re-routed to ask marital permission and we made it in time for the early bird luncheon special at 11:00 AM at Horizons in Fort Lauderdale.

The Newlyweds Have Arrived: Enjoying ourselves at the open bar at our wedding and then really enjoying ourselves at the McDonald’s** after wedding party, Auntie and I decided to call it a night at 4:30 AM and headed over to the Red Lion Inn to crash at our bridal suite. When we pulled up to the inn, the entire place was pitch black, no lights on whatsoever and all the doors were locked. So with my tux still on, I had to let myself in through the service entrance (in the kitchen) and then unlock the back doors to the inn. As I look up the steep hill from where we parked our car, I saw Auntie standing in her wedding dress surrounded by luggage. Thinking it would be funny, I made the wave sign to grab the luggage and come down the mountainside to the inn. At which point Celine yelled down, “It’s my wedding night! I’m not carrying any luggage or scaling down a hill drunk in my wedding gown.” Ah yes, the Beaudins have checked in.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously: Call him what you want, Baby Bags, Beandip, Little Bags, Dinner Party PiƱata, etc. but this little bundle of joy was brought into our lives on my 33rd birthday as part of a hazing ritual from my fellow work colleagues. They thought it would be funny to get a doll that is intended for girls ages 4 – 12, from a company called www.mytwinn.com. This company creates dolls in the image of a person in which a photograph and physical attributes are sent in, describing the person you want to create. Baby Bags has become a staple at most life events parties. He was also present at Celine’s bachelorette party to usher in this blessed union. In all honesty, Baby Bags really is a creepy little bastard. He is a constant reminder to Celine and I that when things get stressful that you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously because there will always be bigger problems to deal with.

(photo: Brownie and Bags take advantage of some alone time at the Nantucket house)
What A Year It Has Been:
Within the past year we have been married, traveled to St. John, Aruba, Ireland, Seattle, Fort Lauderdale, Nantucket and South Hadley, bought a new house, moved three times, and watched the Red Sox win the World Series. All in all, a truly great beginning for the Bags’ marriage, with a few laughs along the way. However, all these experiences wouldn’t have the relevance they do without being able to share them with close friends and family. We look forward to the years ahead and new adventures as well as the immediate future and hope that the soon to be newlyweds (LP & Mike, Tom & Dawn, and Body and Keri) experience some of this first year wedding bliss.

**McDonald's as in Jess and Joe, not Ronald.


KJ said...


Code Red said...

Nice guest blog Bags! Glad you cleared up which McDonald's you were referring to...I have no memory of us all swinging by Golden Arches after the wedding, but figured maybe I just blacked out. Celine carrying a tray of Big Macs, fries and apple pies in her wedding dress...now that would've been a priceless photo. Happy anniversary!

lp said...

My Bags & Auntie are all growns up. We love you guys (and Patch) and it has been wonderful to see you two through all the good times since you've decided to take this in-law thing to the next level. It seems like just yesterday that Auntie and I were downing pints of liquid courage before the Corporate Challenge so that Auntie could meet up with Bags (then just "Keith") postrace at The Beacon Hill Pub. It was an honor to be your wingman, Auntie, and I look forward to celebrating many anniversaries with you to come. xo LP

SB said...

Congrats Auntie and Bags on a great first year! Great blog too, Bags.

Patch said...

This is hard for me to write, as this is an especially emotional time for me (and also because I have no opposable thumbs) but, here goes:

From the moment my Dad brought home that nice-smelling new lady friend of his to meet me, I just knew that someday she would be my Mom.

Thanks, Mom & Dad, for being such wonderful parents, for all the delicious kibble, stuffed squirrels and gorillas, and for buying a bigger home with real live kitties and squirrels outside. You are the best family a handsome guy like me could ask for.

Happy Anniversary!


doctoreama said...

Excellent blog, Bags. I wish you and Mrs. Bags many, many more years of wedded bliss. While I chowed on a plate of lobster eggs benedict in Nantucket, I could see that something else was cooking between you two across the table. Cheers!!

James said...

Thats awesome

Celine said...

Thank you friends!!! Hard to believe it's day 366 on this roller coaster ride.
We can't wait to get our groove on with pals for the "Wedding Fest 06" celebrations to come!!

Celine,Keith & Patch
(that's right Keith, hugs & kisses)

wmd said...

Truly fantastic. Though there is a short list of those who equal, I cannot think of one couple greater than the two of you. Congrats and my best.

It was also your wedding pictures where I first shone eyes on the lovely LP. Even though it was a waste up shot, I had a good feeling that she was not a butternut. The rest is fairytale history, I get the beautiful LP, she gets an idiot.

Congrats Bags and Celeste