29 November 2005

Random Quizzilla

1) What do the blue or red lights atop the old John Hancock tower signify?
steady blue - a clear view
flashing blue - clouds are due
steady red - rain ahead
flashing red - snow instead, or the Red Sox game is cancelled.
(Right, Bags?)

2) "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays?" Oh, enough already. I say "Merry Christmas" to most. I always wish my Jewish pals a "Happy Channukah" and generally say "Happy Holidays" to people I don't know in case they fall within the one-tenth-of-one-percent of the population that is offended by someone else's misguided well wishing.

3) What was the last book you read? The Wonder Spot by Melissa Bank, The Long Way Down by Nick Hornby and Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer

4) When was the last time you acted phony?
Most of my phony moments these days occur at Panera Bread. Last week, my loquacious pal George DeFillippo from Linden Ponds plopped down at my table. He is a lovely man -- a widow, 70ish -- who plays golf four days a week and lives in Florida four months a year. He IMs his grandchildren and has a Shitzu named Carl. George made his way over to my table with a mug of coffee and a baked egg souffle. I could feel my deadline encroaching and precious babysitter minutes ticking away as he proceeded to read over my shoulder and ask me if I'd ever returned anything to Kohl's. I wanted to overturn the table and karate chop him, but instead I just asked him if the egg souffles had cheese in them.

5) Song currently on the radio that makes you want to drive off a bridge? "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt. Is he trying to sound like Rod Stewart or Alanis Morrisette? Either way, it's horrible.


Celine said...

1. I'm just amazed (and proud of course) that Keith actually knew the little jingle that goes along with those lights

2. Merry Christmas!
When in doubt, Happy Festivus!

3. Running with Scissors

4. Phony or just plain sarcastic?
Just the other day at Shaws. I was patiently waiting my turn at the deli, # in hand, and some old lady stumbles up and tries to "cut" the line. I think that once you get over 70, there's some unwritten rule that you can feign ignorance and confusion to get ahead and that basic rules just don't apply to you. After she was reprimanded by the woman in front of me. She turned to me looking for answers.
I smiled politely and gestured to the almighty deli # machine, and said: "I guess they're using the #'s today."

Translation: "Step to the back of line Ethel"

5. That painful spoof on the "12 Days of Christmas" song with that guy yelling? Just the thought of it makes me want to drive off the road.

BAGS said...

1) Kate after a glass of wine, two martinis and a night cap I very impressed that you remembered that stupid rhyme. And yes, the colors and associated reasons are correct.

2)I say neither since Auntie says both enough times for the two of us.

3)Ball Four by Jim Bouton. A classic.

4)Last Sunday at our neighborhood meeting. The other 3 houses / neighbors mistakenly thought I actually gave a shit as to what they were saying.

5)Photograph by Nickelback. Too much airplay, beaten to death.

Code Red said...

1) Now that I know there's a jingle, I think Keith should sing it for us on Friday night. Don't worry Bags, we'll let you toss back a few beers before we give you the floor.

2) Unless I'm certain the other person is non-Christian, it's "Merry Christmas." If someone get offended by that, then "Merry Christmas" is swiftly followed by "How about removing that candy cane from up your arse?"

3) The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

4)Just yesterday when a reporter from NJ called because he is writing about a TSA program that ran for 15 months and is now over. Despite ample info on our website about the program and innumerable articles written during those 15 months, he knew nothing and I had to school him in the entire program from A to Z at 6:15pm. I had all I could do but not yell, "Do your homework you lazy bastard!"

5) I second Bags' choice and add anything by Mariah Carey. EEK!

wmd said...

1) There is actually a story behind the design of the lights atop the Hancock tower. Apparently some MIT architect geek's wife was getting porked (yes Di, porked) by a sailor. This was the same architect who was designing the Hancock tower. He found out and said "red sky at night my ass!..." and went on to design a weather forecast system that would trump sailors' lore forever in Boston.

2) Kwanzaa is the new Christmas.. Merry Christmas actually. Happy Channukah to my Jewish friends but I will not lose sleep accidentally wishing them a Merry Christmas because I'm fine with them wishing me a Happy Channukah.... as long as they buy my greeting cards.

3) Last book: Ghost Soldiers by Hampton Sides

4) Last time acted phony: In answer #3. Ghost Soldiers was the second to last story read. Actual last story read was "Are You There God? It's me Margaret."

5) Song to drive of the road to: Some country shit-kicker Christmas song about some little girl losing shoes or something. sounds so bad it actually angers me. The worst song ever! p.s. Merry Christmas.

BAGS said...

WMD, in addition to your porking knowledge there was also one other nugget of info to the Hancock weather beacon. In October of 2004, the beacon flashed red and blue to commemorate the Boston Red Sox World Series victory. This was the first time the color scheme changed since the beacon was lit in 1950. A new line was added to the poem accordingly:

Flashing Blue and Red, when The Curse of the Bambino is dead.

All of this stupid trivia has come to me since I used to work in that building. The poem was the most significant item I took from that old job.

lp said...

1. It indicates whether it is a Smurfy Day or not a Smurfy Day in Boston.

2. Merry Christmas. Unlike my Uncle Joe, I will not leave a store if the clerk says "Happy Holidays", however.

3. I recently re-read "The Traveling Pants" as it reminded me of Paige coming home (we mailed the book to her years ago when she was in LA)

4. Yesterday, whilst interviewing a new candidate for our team: "Oh, working with our clients is so wonderfully CHALLENGING! No two days are alike!" I almost threw up on myself.

5. Drivetime radio for LP is "All-Christmas-Music-All-The-Time" since pre-Thanksgiving, however I agree with KJ that "You're Beautiful" is anything but.

jal said...

1. Right-o you are Miss Jackson.

2. Chrismahanukwanzika
(n.)- all of the "Winter Holidays" in one word; substitute for those who do not believe in saying Merry Christmas. (definition courtesy of www.zillapedia.quizilla.com)

3. Beautiful Shadow, The Life of Patricia Highsmith. (author famous for writing Strangers on a Train and the Talented Mr. Ripley).

4. Minutes ago at work - "No problem at all, I'd be happy to help you." Read = Did the twenty-two e-mail and hard copy memo's we've sent to you in the last 5 years not make it to the rock you've been living under!!??!

5. Anything by Ashlee Simpson. She should be shot!

doctoreama said...

1 - No idea, but I'll take your word for it.
2 - "Shut up and get the f- out of my way with your effing baby carriage full of cheap packages and no baby and get back to your totally uncool minivan."
3 - "My friend Leonard" by James Frey. Fabulous.
4 - I'm phony every hour on the hour at work if Microsoft Outlook has me booked for a group meeting. I play a marketing executive who cares about anything a sales person has to say.
5 - I can't listen to the radio.