05 November 2005

Well I got a funky skull and I'm a...

(photo: A typical Saturday evening in Tom's world)


Happy Birthday to T-bag and his 'fro, yo.
Why we love T-Bag: Owner of the best white-guy J5 ever, he has an almost savant-like talent superimposing photos of people's heads onto bodies that don't belong to them but could and should. He also displays unimaginable versatility in the art of karaoke, crooning Lionel Ritchie one moment, and Davy Jones the next. "Daydream Believa, Dreama." He's also a killer dancer. So killer that a concerned bystander who witnessed his moves at Johnny D's, approached his fiancee Dawnie and said, "Excuse me, miss. Is that man bothering you?" Happy 32!


SB said...

Happy Birthday Tom! This picture reminds me of us practicing our dance moves for Jess' bachelorette in the garage with the car doors wide open so we could hear the music.

lp said...

dance moves = "choreo".