11 November 2005

Cream Shop Friday: Smells Like Brown Spirit

Today's distraction: Call for captions. This piece of fine art deserves one or two, or fifty. Best caption wins a frozen turkey.

*photo by T-Bag

Cream Shop Friday is a feature on this blog detailing the biggest distraction of the week.


BAGS said...

The expression captured when Keri realizes that the only channel coming in clearly all day Sunday is the Lifetime Channel.

SB said...

Keri is ecstatic with her 23rd straight Rummy victory over Scott.

jal said...

The Spartan Cheerleaders have moved up in the world from Chess Tournaments and Swim Meets to blogs! "Who's that Spartan typing on the keys? It's Kate, It's Kate!!! Un-huh, Un-huh. Un-huh, Un-huh, Un-huh!!

GOY said...

Kerri just got Barb's Pepperoni Bread recipe.