03 November 2005

Random Quizilla

Nothing wakes one up like a Red Bull and a pop quizilla. The Pointy Universe will feature these random 5-question brainers from time-to-time. Feel free to post your answers in the comments...or not.

1) Why did Theo really leave? We'll probably never know the real reason. But it's much easier to stay true to your principles and believe in your future success when you have as many options as Theo has. If we walked away from our "dream jobs" the day we discovered we were smarter than our bosses, we'd simply be unemployed idiots, not visionary renegades. It helps to be rich, brilliant and hot, hot, hot when you're seeking higher purpose and meaning. The only thing I'm seeking is a moment in the day to take a shower.

blumple (n.) - The pumpkin gut residue left behind on my front stairs by pillaging raccoons.

3) Who is Scooter Libby? VP Cheney's Chief of Staff who was indicted on obstruction of justice and perjury charges last week in the CIA leak scandal. Also bears an odd resemblance to one of the sous chefs at Panera Bread in Hingham.

4) What was the last song you had trapped in your head? Last time La Luna, I light my torch and wave it for the NEW MOON ON MONDAY, and a firedance through the night.... O-oh, it'still there.

5) Name a celebrity you've been told you resemble. A woman at Mike Drinan's wedding told me I looked like Calista Flockhart. While I loathe the bird-skinny Calista, I guess it's an improvement over the last celebrity I was told I resemble: Tracey Ullman.


BAGS said...

In answering #5) Name a celebrity you've been told you resemble. Eddie Munster or Baby Bags. (Take your pick.)

Code Red said...

3) Who would hire a grown man who calls himself "Scooter?"

5) One rainy afternoon, walking outdoors with my hair all a'frizz, a man approached me and two friends and told me I looked like Chelsea Clinton. As I was winding up to sock him the jaw, my friend Meghan tried to calm me be commenting, "At least he didn't say you like Hilary!"

lp said...

1) Why did Theo really leave?
To accept a supporting role on look-alike Freddie Prinze Jr’s new must-miss TV sitcom, “Freddie”

blumple (v.) – When you let somebody know that they’ve got ‘a little something’ stuck on their face and they quietly tell you it’s a zit

4) What was the last song you had trapped in your head?
“Rubble Man”, that stupid rap disaster created by the dorks on “The Apprentice” with the help of Wyclef Jean. Horrible. Had to ask my office-mate to sing a song out loud to make it stop.

5) Name a celebrity you've been told you resemble.
Jodie Foster (huh?) Shannen Doherty (huh?) and the last one has a good story: Doubledown was being relentlessly hit upon by the skeevy married attorney who did the closing on her condo. He invited her for a celebration drink after she passed papers and she asked me to come along so that she wouldn't be alone with this creep. He gazed at her adoringly across our table at Elephant and Jackass Tavern, cooing and telling her she looked just like Sandra Bullock. Then, he turned to me with a look of pure hated and contempt. Rather than say “Why don't you scram, Shorty?” he told me I looked like “A young Diane Weist.” I hate that guy.

wmd said...

1) Why did Theo leave: Obviously because of all the "You don't look like a Huxtable" jokes.

2) My fake definition for Blumple: I will refrain, you don't want to open that pandora's box.

3) Scooter Libby?: everyone at one point goes to school with a kid named Scooter. One in 1,436,508 become a VP Chief of Staff.

4) Last song stuck in my head: having not eaten lunch on Wednesday, I was running the risk of shrinking to a healthy weight by 4:30 when I stopped in Whole Foods to grab take out. As I walked to the prepared food section I was stopped by an older woman giving free samples of chicken on a stick. Dream Weaver went off in my head at volume eleven.

5) Celebrity resembled: Although I resemble none of them (hopefully), I've been told the following: Adam Sandler, Ricky Martin (by three seperate girls on three seperate occasions). Adam Sandler I can see but I may be closer to Nel Carter than Ricky Martin. Tom Cruise (by the cast of Shear Madness) and Tom Cruise with Down Syndrome by my roommate.

SB said...

Nice work WMD. Hilarious.

Nell Carter... "GIMME A BREAK!"

Princess Buttercup said...

Dear Kate,

I have the answer to your #1 question. It is posted on my blog for all to see...

Penny Lane

doctoreama said...

1) Theo left because his boss-mentor took all the credit for Theo's work. Even the Sox, sadly, are corporate America.
2) fake definition - Taking a twist on LP's zit comment, I'd say that "blumple" is a noun. It's the technical medical term for a zit on your bum.
3) Scooter Libby ain't nobody now 'cept some honky on his way to da big house.
4) Song stuck in my head for hours each day: "This is how we do it." I don't know who sings it, but there are these silly corporate propaganda posters all over trying to get people to nominate people for service awards. "How we do it" is all over them, which triggers that song every time I go out for a smoke. And, BTW, all the songs noted by my friends in the prior comments are running through my head like and ipod shuffle on crack. Thanks.
5) once I was told I looked like Bianca Jagger, former wife if Mick Jagger, who's like about 40 years older than I am. And Ann Curry from the Today Show. I look like neither of them.

goddess hanarah said...

yo, okay all you gay idiots.
1- idk who the hell theo is.

2- blumple- no this word means anything you can't actually say so you say blumple instead. duh.

3- scooter libby is code name for some little girl that scooters around and i watch her through binoculars

4- sometimes your realize, through swollen preassure and comprimize, that there's always someone by your side, giving you a hand to hold.

5- courtney love, but i really dont. their stupid

KJ said...

Goddess Hanarah. Wow. You've proven illiteracy is a serious problem in this country.