06 January 2006


LOS ANGELES - Lou Rawls, the velvet-voiced singer who started as a church choir boy and went on to record such classic tunes as "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine," died Friday of lung cancer. He was 72. - AP

Our condolences to SAC who regarded Low Rawls with the admiration and man-love of a soul brother and shared his music with all of us.


wmd said...

SAC is most likely inconsolable right now. My sincerest condolences SAC, I was a large fan. I had the pleasure of having breakfast a mere 8 feet away from the late great Mr. Rawls at Mohegan Sun. Also, who could forget the laughs he gave us when Homer Simpson got a new computer and found an animated clip of "Lou Rawls; Secret Agent"? "You'll never find, that microfilm of mine.."

A truly melifluous crooner. Thanks Lou.

BAGS said...

Another interesting tidbit from Lou's website http://www.lourawls.com

Lou co-starred in the first season of David Hasselhoff's Baywatch spinoff, Baywatch Nights. He played the role of the owner of a blues club that was the headquarters for the main character's, Mitch's detective agency.