12 January 2006

LP's Random Bird Quizilla

1) What bird received full daylight coverage on a 413 cable station?

2) Who said "You wanna know what? Chicken Butt!!!!"

3) What fast food chain hosted a Web site featuring a human donning eerie dominatrix-style suit who responds to the commands of the viewer?

4) What famous poultry personality said, "That boy's about as sharp as a bag of wet mice?"

5) Anyone want to come over to my office and plunge a stake in my heart so I can get off this conference call?

* Courtesy of LP


KJ said...

2) Macauley Culkin? Who was he in the tub with?
3) Um..Donald Trump's House of Wings?
5) Set a fire in the wastebasket and run.

wmd said...

1) I'm assuming Bags or SAC gassed on enough malt liquor that they were found sleeping in a hawk's nest on top of a telephone pole.

2) The six year old I punched in the face this morning because I hadn't had a coffee yet and thought his joke sucked.

3) Not sure but it can't hold a candle to Wright's Chicken Farm in RI. The best Jerry.. the best!

4) Foghorn Leghorn; only to be outshown by his college roomate Rhode Island Red... he got all the chicks.

5) Just start screaming Tourette's syndrome stuff... Fucknut!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Ask your Godson to do his duck imitation , It's spot on !

lp said...

Oooooh...can't wait to hear Boulos gimme a quack. I'm already a huge fan of Sweet C's "ccccccccccchickennnnnnnnnnnnn" shtick.

Answers to the Bird Quizilla are as follows:

1) The Falcon of Springfield is correct, KJ. We spent many a hungover Sunday in our on-campus apartment, drinking diet Cokes and staring at the Falcon broadcast. The room would erupt if an egg hatched or movement of any kind occured in the nest.

2) It was MacAuley Culkin. I can't remember who played "Uncle" but I think it might have been Dana Carvey

3) Burger King hosted the eerily entertaining www.subservientchicken.com. You must log on immediately.

4) Correctamundo, WMD. 'Twas Foghorn Leghorn. I can't believe you remember Rhode Island Red. Wait a minute...yes, yes I can believe that.

5) I am conference-call free today. Free as a bird. Hallelujah. Enjoy the long weekend!

SAC said...

Little known fact about the Falcon. It inspired the resurrgence of amateur hockey in the Pioneer Valley. The old team, the Indians, had been rendered defunct although their demise was almost certain due to their politically incorrect name. However, Bags and I can attest, that "When the Indians get brave, YOU get chicken!" A 3 piece dinner meal AND A ROLL!