06 January 2006


In a very special Pointy Universe post, SAC Pays Tribute to Lou Rawls

Being a longtime fan of Mr. Rawls, I am saddened beyond belief to learn of his passing. Mr. Rawls was a great man and one that will be sorely missed by me. Learning of his death via the radio while driving down Route 3, almost caused me to drive off the road. Thankfully, I was able to regain my composure and although still sad, I will move forward with the great memories that Lou has provided me over the years.

Mr. Rawls, Lou, was a multitalented singer, songwriter, and actor. In a career that spanned 5 decades, Mr. Rawls rose up out from under the talons of the “mighty hawk” and lived a life fairytales are written about.

His acting credits are secondary to a voice that is smoother than Courvoissier and it is this that he will be eternally remembered for. From his penning of such classics as “Lady Love”, “Charge Card Blues” and “Little Red Top” to his covers of “Send in The Clowns”, “The Candyman” and “Tobacco Road”, Lou had the ability to reach out to the other side and bridge the simple differences between men and women with the universal language of love.

So tonight, cozy up with the one you love, uncork a good wine, put a Lou Rawls cd on, preferably “Lou Rawls: Live (2 disc set), sit back and enjoy…..

As for you Lou, “See you when I git there”

Yeah Buddy-


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SAC said...

Thank you KJ for allowing me this outlet for my emotions. Also, forgotten in this pseudo-eulogy was Lou's largest selling single, Wind Beneath My Wings. Penned by Rawls. Great talent lost today.