27 January 2006

Random Quizzilla

1) About how many times per day do you check your email?
Constantly. Even on the days I'm not working, I keep my laptop on my kitchen island and perform drive-by checks.

2) If you had a band, what would you name it?
Jigsaw Kathy.

3) Did you read A Million Little Pieces?
Not yet. I generally avoid Oprah's Book club selections but do have the book in my house. But after all of the public spankings that went on this week, I can't wait to read it. I just don't understand why Frey and his publishers didn't take 20 seconds to attach a disclaimer to the end of the book letting the readers know "the author has altered the time sequence of events, created composite characters, changed names or otherwise fictionalized certain details of this memoir." Such disclaimers are commonplace. It's a given writers will take authorial license to flavor up a story for the reading experience, but if you're going to fudge on hard facts, you'd better let people know. Augusten Burroughs is now being scrutinized as well. I enjoyed reading all of his books; whether they were 100 percent true or not was not a factor. I just wish they could create a genre called "fictional memoir."

4) Do you have an umbrella? What does it look like?
Right now, I am without a brelly. Two years ago, my umbrella was stolen from a yoga class. A few months ago, my favorite brelly of all time -- a retro clear bubble umbrella with yellow trim -- was decimated by a wind gust outside PF Chang's.

5)If you could be on a game show, which one would it be?
The Price is Right as it was in the 1970s.


Buenosayres said...

1. well, not constantly but i do check my email several times a day. at least three times: morning, afternoon and night. but i normally check it more than that. lol.

2. i had a band...i named it The Eight Wonder.

3. Nope.

4. i don't have an umbrella. i love rain, so i don't mind getting wet.

5. hmm. i don't watch much tv and i'm not familiar with many game shows. but The Price Is Right is a good one. perhaps that would be my choice.

SB said...

Sweet.. love the Friday AM quizzilla.

1) Work email is always up and in my face. Therefore I'm constantly 'checking' it. Home email I check nightly when I come home. But mostly that's to delete my "junk email" folder. I don't trust their stock tips, don't need viagra, and can't afford a Rolex nor would I buy one from some spamming chooch.
2) The Body Show (T-Bag... did we ever name our BB-Hill semi-band? We should have called ourselves "Bruno's Room")
3) I didn't know anything about this until the "Let it Rip" segment of Fox 25 News this morning. Hey.. if Oprah gets bad press over the situation... she can just buy everyone a sh*tload of new cars, right? Or, at least buy the women new cars.
4) Yes, sitting in the trunk of my car. One blue one black, both plain with some Fidelity logo on them. During the courting phase of our relationship, Keri would shower me with marketing favors.
5) The Newlywed Game. Although that would probably be very insane of me.
KJ... TPIR would be AWESOME! We caught a Showcase Showdown while in the Dominican last week. I bet on your days at home, you tune in to TPIR, don't you!??! It's a good enough reason to call in sick.

James said...

1) I check my e-mail pretty much all day until about 5:30 then I and forget about it.

2) Swirving headlights.

3) Never heard of Oprah's book. Safe to say that I will never read it.

4) No umbrella just lots of raingear. I love raingear. No rain hat though, thats a little to soft.

5)Game show....hmmmm....Played alot of Jeopardy in College with my brainy roomates who would kick my ass. So I would like to play it but not on TV because everyone would laugh at me.

wmd said...

1) I check my home email every time there is a promise of penis enlargement in the subject line... F'ing Liars!!!

2) White Boy and the Insufficient Funds (my Funk band will be called Galactic Afro)

3) No, that is why reading is for chumps. You should just watch Family Guy. The creator of Family Guy has never lied to us.

4) I own two umbrellas. One I received as a Christmas gift in college when I worked as a Pharmacy Tech at CVS. It remains in my room to get me to my car three blocks away in Southie during rain storms. The other one stays in my car. It is a tricked out titanium model I bought at Macy's. The mofo not only has an "open" button but a "close" button as well. This feature alone seperates us from the animals.

5) Press Your Luck. LOVE the Whammy guy. Bud I would add a lot of profanities. "No whammy, no whammy, STOP!... Oh what the F#$#, you're F^*%ing kidding me you F@#$ing piece of S#%$!!!" I just think it would take my game to a new level.

SAC said...

1. Twice: Before I leave for work and after I get home from work.
2. SAC's 5th Avenue: A Robert Palmer-esque band with hot chicks playing instruments while belting out Zepplin tunes in a Frank Sinatra kareoke nightmare.
3. No. But have you all read: Residnetial Oil Burners? Fascinating!
4. No. Rain cleanses the soul.
5. Two choices: Prior to getting married: The Dating Game. Post marraige: The Match Game. I love how their celebrity guests smoked on camera.

KT said...

1. Constantly thanks to the CrackBerry.

2. Shoes & Bags
(I would go with the more annoying Shooz 'n Bagz, but fear it would be mistaken for some crappy hip-hop shindig. More authentic this way.)

3. I too avoid Oprah recommendations. However, do own it. Haven't read it. Honestly just bought it because I like the cover photo. Good times.

4. Niet. It rains not in the beautiful Chester.

5. Definietly Match Game. Classic. I want to be Brett Somers in my next life.

lp said...

1. Crackberry ruined my life: I check constantly until I get home and then it goes OFF.

2. "Ace" or "Ladybug"

3. I read "A Million Little Pieces" in record time and found it fascinating. I borrowed it from Di, not knowing it was an Oprah book. The very day I finished the book, the scandal busted out. Still a great book and definitely would have been just as great with a disclaimer. Dumb-dumb.

4. It is one of those old-school, curved handled brellies, black with multi-colored polka dots on it. Courtesy of Peg/Talbots, of course.

5. The Match Game. Definitely. "Oh no, honey I've been [blanked]!" The bow-chic-a-bow-wow music they played while the panel thought out their responses was the BEST.