25 January 2006

When Snowsuits Attack

I started getting Caroline and Paulie dressed to go out in the snow around 9:30 a.m. and finally got out the door at 10:15. However, five minutes into our snowy frolic, my delusions of sledding and building snowmen with the brown babies were quickly dashed. Caroline became fascinated by Vito's random piles of feces which lay like landmines in the snow. Paulie, constricted by his layered bulk of outerwear, could not take two steps without falling down. By 10:20, I knew we were short timers but when Caroline and Paulie stood side-by-side for a moment, I quickly reached for my camera...say cheese! I wasn't quick enough. Before the red-eye-delayed flash, Paulie tipped over onto his back. Trapped like a turtle, he was still saying "cheeeeese, cheeese, cheeeese." We were back inside watching Dora by 10:30.

(photo: "Take a picture of me, Mama!" Caroline taunts her brother with a dramatic reenactment.)

(photo: "Pretty sneaky, sis")


jal said...

Absolutely Adorable!!!
The Abominable Paulie!

wmd said...

You can now add "Randy" to the list of 1,000 nicknames for Paulie ...his only defense was to lay there like a slug.

p.s. the connect four quote just made my day. thank you.

BAGS said...

Obscure reference, Paulie falling down because of excessive winter clothing is the equivalent of Ralphie's little brother in a Christmas Story.