18 May 2007

Burds in the Test Kitchen

It was a Seaport Suppah Club last night at LTK, a test kitchen that serves up Legal’s seafood with a side of flying wineglass shrapnel. Upon taking our seats, JAL’s glass of red spontaneously combusted at the table. Moments later, our waiter hip-checked our bottle of pinot grigio, knocking a chunk of salmon with wasabi cream sauce onto my lap before spilling all over me. Cameo, quick and nimble, saved neighboring diners from injury, grabbing the wine bottle seconds before it rolled off the table and shattered to pieces.

It just wouldn’t be Suppah Club without some sort of jive ruckus.

(Gwennie "points" out the Dell'Olio fetus with glee)

Quite the afterwork scene happening at LTK. A wee bit of a sausage fest in the bar area, mostly young men of the corporate persuasian. A few gaggles of young women who haven’t yet learned to drink in heels teetered on the fringes. That said, to get to your table, you had to bob and weave through a gawking zone that rivaled Post Office Square park.

Good times, though. And even though some of us returned home looking like we’d been in a food fight, we’ll likely become regulars there this summer. It's the perfect gathering spot for Pavillion preshow cocktails and eye candy.


lpd said...

Jolly good fun at LTK, ladies and JAL. On deck for planning our Summah Suppah Clubs:

June = Cameo
July = Goy
August = KJ

jal said...

Thank you all for a wonderful evening - exploding wine glasses notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

KEANE tomorrow!