23 May 2007

LOST: Whitney's Prehash

We have a Bobby & Whitney dynamic happening over here when it comes to TV shows. James gets me hooked, and then leaves me -- strung out and alone -- in front of the tube mumbling semi-coherent commentary into a bowl of multigrain tortilla chips.

He checked out of “24” this season after Jack went rogue one too many times and ditched “Lost” after the infuriating Nikki and Paulo episode a few weeks ago. Not to mention, Lost is on at 10 p.m. this season and he's usually catching flies by 9:30.

That’s all well and good, but I could no longer stand for his abusive Thursday morning inquisitions about “what happened on Lost last night.” I’m far too impatient and cranky to recap in the AM. I finally told him he’d have to watch it on TiVo, read the online episode guide or just stay awake on Wednesday nights. Whitney’s taking her life back.

That said, I’ll be sitting on the floor with some Cavit and tortilla chips here this evening, rattling Vito with my extemporaneous outbursts. Or I might flee to the Dell'Olios.

I’m absolutely tingly about the finale, but I'm tingly in the way that I'm probably going to be disappointed. Expectations are high. So I’ve been trolling the Internets at night for a fix, spending huge chunks of time reading theories on Lostpedia. Ever since Lindelof and Cuse "promised" that the characters are not dead and or in purgatory -- I’ve had nothing.

Allow me some random thoughts:

-One theory I like: The space/time continuum theory holds the island is in another dimension or time. The island is a well-documented source of electromagnetic energy, which according to Lostpedia via Einstein can bend time and space. It still doesn’t explain what the Christ is going on but maybe it’s a clue about the setting. And it’s clear that the “Looking Glass," like in Alice in Wonderland, is likely some kind of portal to the outside world or another time.

-Why I love and hate Lost: For a few weeks, there was a mindblowing theory on EW about Nikki & Paulo, the proverbial “cousins Oliver” of the show: When Desmond turned the fail-safe key and went back in time, he somehow altered the course of history where Nikki and Paulo boarded flight 815 instead of Rose and Bernard (who’d been MIA all season). That would've been in keeping with the whole space/time continuum theory -- and really cool too. But then Rose and Bernard showed up last week and completely blew that out of the water. Damn you, Lost.

-I took the “Which Lost Character Are You” quiz: I am Hurley.

My lingering questions:

WTF was up with Jacob?

Is Juliet good or evil?

Will Locke kill Ben and take over as leader of the Others?

Most important, does anyone else think Charlie will meet his demise ala Samuel Jackson in Deep Blue Sea? Remember Ezra James Sharkington?


MLXC said...

KJ - I am also Hurley.


Anonymous said...

kj, I thought the exact same thing when I saw Charlie emerge from that moon pool last week. "He's not gonna drown, he's gonna get eaten by that dharma shark in the tradition of Samuel Jackson." Nice.

james said...

I'm Kate.

lpd said...

I'm Sun.

KJ, come on over for LOST tonight!

I think Desmond made up this last premonition about Charlie b/c he thought that was the only way to get somebody down there. What happens from here, I haven't a clue.

When will it be revealed that Jack and Claire are step-siblings? Is it coincidence that Claire is the only woman to successfully deliver a child on the island, and that she is related to Jack, the chosen leader of their group? Is there a connection between leadership and lineage? So many questions. I dig it though.

Cameo said...

I'm Hurley too. Go figure.

LPD: Claire was able to deliver her baby because she procreated off the island. That's why Sun's in deep doodoo. She and Jing did their thang on-island.

Also, has anyone noticed that every single character on the show has daddy issues? Is that a connection?

If I had a car, I'd hightail it to the Shore to watch with the Burds. No fun watching it alone. Expect text messages from me from 9 to 11 this evening. I may have to nap beforehand to stay up that late.

Alex said...

I've been thinking about tonight since AJ tried to sink himself in the pool with the rope that was too long. I realized then it's been all filler for Wednesday nights.

Anonymous said...

I have crabs

bokaJ said...

They are not who they say they are..... HELP ME