16 May 2007

Random Quizzilla

1) When you travel, what are your favorite/least favorite modes of transportation?
If I could walk everywhere I would. * I love taking the train to NYC and then flying home. * I loathe the bus. Even the ones that don’t stop at random Chinese buffets in Connecticut. * I don’t mind car travel as long as I’m a passenger (I’m a terrible driver). * Flying never used to bother me but now I absolutely hate it. It’s not a 9/11 thing so much as a claustrophobia thing that seems to have snuck up on me over the years. If I don’t have an aisle seat on the plane, I tend to wig out. On a flight back from San Francisco, I begged the ticket lady for an aisle reassignment on a very full flight. Bitch put us in the very back row of the section right next to the restrooms. The seats didn’t recline and James got stuck in the middle next to a dude with a platinum mullet who talked about Nascar the entire six-hour flight. He still hasn’t forgiven me.

2) Name three things you plan to do in the next 10 years.
Write a book and a screenplay, and officially launch my “Accidental Latina” fashion line. Where is Carol West with her odd collection of Zippos when you need her.

3) Describe a kind gesture someone once extended to you?
Funny you should ask, Quizzilla. Just last weekend, Dreama gave me some Trish McEvoy #11 White Iris -- my favorite – yet cruelly discontinued perfume. As part of a parfum outreach program I started last year, Dreama stumbled across a stash in Connecticut, went the extra mile and brought the goods to Cameo's party. Now that I no longer have to be so miserly with my perfume rations, I'm back to walking around smelling like an old French whore. Thanks again, Dream!

4) Have you ever been “mugged”?
Sort of…almost. Back in the late 80s, I was walking through that Green Line pedestrian tunnel between Berkeley and Arlington streets that has since been sealed off. It was a hot zone for all things untoward and we were always advised to stay out of it especially if we were 1) Alone. 2) At night. 3) Carrying a hot-pink boombox. Which I was. However, I also had a false-sense-of- security golf umbrella as it’d been raining earlier in the evening. Right on cue, five or so tough-looking “youths” rounded the corner, almost in slow-mo, and started walking toward me in menacing way. One of them -- as he passed by -- grabbed the handle of my radio and flashed a pocket knife at me (which in retrospect was more of a glorified nail file.) My fight or flight response totally malfunctioned. Instead of letting go of the foolish pink radio and running for my life, I started screaming and swinging my umbrella around like some shitty, inept ninja. All at once, the kids cracked up laughing, bouncing themselves off the urine-infused walls. Then they threw my radio on the ground and took off giggling. Two T workers who’d witnessed the exchange and were supposedly coming to my rescue, were laughing too. “Sweetheart, I’m sorry but that was the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.” I was pissed.

5) Name a food item you try to always have on hand.
Lifesaver Popsicles. Yum.


Anonymous said...

1-Hate flying. Jetblue=Flying on the bus.
2-Next 3 mos. Sell house. Move back to Boston. Find new job.
3-I get to keep the dog
4-Never been mugged been beaten up alot.

MLXC said...

Kate- that mugging story was perhaps the funniest thing I have ever read on the PU. I was laughing so loud I thought I would wake up my son from his nap and spit out my turkey sandwich.


jal said...

1. Like you KJ I love walking. Cruise Ship was nice too but nothing beats walking. I'll never forget the time I took the Greyhound to New York and had a nice young man talk to me about his prior time in the church of satan. Good times.

2. Get in shape. Finish my CEBES designation. Train Ava.

3. The woman at the Barnes and Noble at the Pru today searched high and low for at least 10 minutes for the Vineyard Detox book. I know it's her job but she kept checking in and asking me if I minded while she searched. She went above and beyond.

4. Yes. When I lived in JP. I had recently met Mike and we were having dinner at a good friend of his and I promised to make desert. I had taken the 39 bus to the Pru to get a special cake pan and on my way home, steps from my house, these three guys knocked me to the ground and kicked the s#$t out of me while asking "What the f#$k are you doing here?" took my wallet and ran off. I was trying to protect my head so I couldn't tell them I lived two houses away. When I stumbled home my roomate insisted on calling the police who proceeded to drive me around the neighborhood in the patrol car looking for them while my throat closed and my eyes swelled up. It was amazing the looks I got on the orange line for the next week or so with two black eyes. Talk about blaming the victim. I moved shortly thereafter to the Fenway.

5. Peanut butter. Specifically Bread and Circus organic. It's like peanut crack. Ground peanuts and sugar. Most likely not on the Vineyard Detox but oh well.