04 May 2007

Sheep Share

I had to share this photo. We took the day off and headed to the Roger Williams Park Zoo to do some gawking today. Whenever I try to capture Griswaldian moments on camera, the images always appear forced and unnatural. We could all take a few lessons from this sheep. Here, the sheep who has no familial or contractual obligations to pose for us, does just that (and appears to be smiling). He is the picture of patience and professionalism; it's like it's his job to be -- which on some level, I guess it is. Best part: the sheep's name was "Derek." Cashews! More cashews.


GOY said...

Derek DiBona?

KJ said...

LOL-Oh god.

"The kid is HOT." - Derek DiBona referring to himself while bowling.

Anonymous said...

Remember Chiefy?

KJ said...

Unfortunately, yes.

Wasn't he the semi-lucid Lammers dweller who used to have a go at himself in the bathroom stall?