14 May 2007

Who's the Master?

This weekend we descended upon The Vault for a surprise gathering in honor of our long-suffering Cameo who earned her masters in communications from BU while working full-time in and out of days and weeks, through many months and years. We're so very proud and everyone's high-spirits only reinforced this sentiment last night. And since no good time is complete without a crappy low-res slide show on the PU...here you go. Click and enjoy.

Almost forgot about our tribute/rip off. Maybe it's been overdone but it was a fitting testamonial in the moment.

Friends of Di Bring You a Real Woman of Genius

Tonight we salute you, Ms. Master of Communications.

Oh, Sagittarian magister who doesn’t get attached to people or things unless that thing happens to be a costume jewelry ring from the sale bin at Lord & Taylor (love those L&T clearance sales)

You’ve worked that postgraduate self-discipline like a bear hug from Bags’ non-stealing magical grandma. (EMMA!)

So let us celebrate your release from academic captivity

For you have faced down cognitive dissonance wearing nothing but a tube top and an acoustic guitar

All along, keeping your eye on the prize and impure thoughts of Anderson Cooper at bay (it does not matter that he’s gay)

But starting today, there is no more matriculating for you, smarty pants

Who’s the master?

YOU are.

So toss back a few orange sodies and wash away that integrated-marketing residue

Because tonight it’s all about you, Ms. Master of Communications.

Kiss the ring, bitches!


jal said...

An outstanding accomplishment and truly wonderful evening as well. Thanks to the organizers. Such a testament to good friends.

Cameo said...

I watched this montage about 10 times already today. I laugh and cry every time I see the smiling faces of pals fade in and out. In the words of the venerable Lisa Galvin, "I am so blessed." Thanks again! xoxo

lpd said...

Aw HELL yeah, Cameo. Way to go. Glad we could get together for some merriment in your honor. Now, get out there and get yourself a high-powered job so you can hire me as a high-paid part-timer. Heh.

KJ said...

What a fantastic night. I don't think you could find a better mix of people, really.

Cameo--OWL consulting awaits. LPD+ creative director.

It's time to shake things up over here as well.

lpd said...

I dig it, KJ.