16 September 2005

Cream Shop Friday: Google-Imaged

(photo: Result returned after I Googled-Imaged myself)

OK..I found this a few weeks ago when Brownguy, LP and I were Googling ourselves but stumbled across the photo again today and it sent me right into the Cream Shop. I was then inspired to Google-Image the inspiration for Cream Shop Fridays. Di is joined by Judy and Chery Schwing here in an undated photo.

Cream Shop Friday is a feature on this blog detailing the biggest distraction of the week.


Celine said...

I was inspired to google myself (as Celine "Carroll" of course) and learned that apparently I'm a little known dublin songwriter. I just released a CD entitled "Catch you as you Fall" with such uplifting tracks as "Innocence Lost" and "Great White Hope" available now at your favorite record store. Good stuff.


wmd said...

Nice work Auntie. If you ever need backup musicians...My google reveals pretty close to the truth. It shows one ass-kickin' Mike D. as the rythm guitarist in a New York AC/DC tribute band. Pretty much spot on, well except I live in Southie and don't know how to play guitar... other than that, PERFECT!


Celine Carroll said...

Well Howdy
I was just in google checking my gig listings and lo and behold I stumbled into your happy world. My name is Celine Carroll, not so 'little known' singer/songwriter from dublin, Ireland. I have just brought out my second album called 'Itch'.
Have a nice day y'all.

KJ said...

Celine Carroll! Welcome. We'll have to revise to say "little known singer/songwriter in the States but not for long." Best of luck with your new album...from where can we download it?

Celine Carroll said...

Working on the download thang. You can visit my site www.celinecarroll.com and buy it. Nice Christmas present!!!!
Happy Trails,
Celine Carroll