12 September 2005

Time Off to Write

(NANTUCKET - "I can barely recall the 'little people,'" says WMD, pictured here on hiatus earlier this summer)

WMD has been enjoying the spoils of and squandering the royalties from his wildly successful guest blog appearance on the Pointy Universe. But it's time for him to get up off of th'Adirondack chair and start brainstorming his next topic.

Also, this is an open call to anyone who wants to post something, be it a philosophical tirade, an obscure drink recipe or a dirty joke. I know Bags has a Renegades roman a clef buried just beneath the surface. Anyone else? Just email it to me.


wmd said...

Royalties?.. if you're referring to the residuals like LP making several "not tan enough?" comments or putting a child (or in my case, child-like) lock on the Spanish Channel after my Telemundo blog, then yes... I'm squandering the hell out of the royalties.

KJ, thanks for the kind words, you have inspired me. I will try to think of a topic worthy of your blog. For the ladies who may have thought i was a bit of a pig for the Mundo blog, all i can say is oink oink my good man. I will not be silenced, Viva el cerdo!

p.s. as for the little people, i recall them well. they were half the cast of Under the Rainbow.

BAGS said...

KJ, I've have already started re-working my initial writings as guest author on the Pointy Universe. I'm assuming my first draft deadline will be a couple of days after the Mass State Engineer's Softball League (MSESL) concludes next week. I'm not doing this article for the money.

Mike, as far as little people go, I've learned the hard way [with the Lady Owls] that those quips are about as popular as an AA meeting at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannisport. Oh, but they are funny. Oink, oink my good man.

KJ said...

WMD: THE P.U. anticipates your input with tingly toes. While this blog does not believe in censorship, Lady Owls can and do swoop when provoked.

KJ said...

bags-I'll expect to see something immediately after you win the finals. Be sure to feature Tom DiPaolo prominently.

BAGS said...

Tom DiPaolo and my personal mentor JJ will get some good press.

lp said...

KJ: Hurrah! I welcome the opportunity to parlay some of the whimsical thoughts that run amok in my head into a blog entry worthy of the Pointy Universe. Game on!

WMD: Don't you worry. The Lady Owls do not take offense to your Telemundo oinking as we generally ignore such gobbledygook.

KJ said...

You bet your booty, LP. I think we may have to co-author a racy post on this evening's suppah club at the Fez. Game on, indeed.