23 September 2005


(photo: Mezzanining with Meg and Jack White tearing it up on stage in the background)

The last time I was at the Opera House was in 1987 for a Replacements show and so much has changed since then besides my age. Here are just a few of the many differences:

1987-parked in the "abandoned lot" across from the dilapitated Paramount theatre for free. Pre-show involved drinking partially-frozen Bud Light from a can in my friend's beige Impala that took up three parking spots.
2005-the "abandoned lot" is now high-end parking for the Ritz, Hyatt and several area restaurants. Pre-show involved dinner at Silvertone and cocktails at West St.
1987-Opera House was in complete disrepair and smelled like a bowling alley. During shows, the balcony kind of swayed as if it may crumble into the orchestra pit at any given moment. Very few gigs were booked there because it was stinky and dangerous.
2005-Opera House is beautifully restored to all of its glory. Major bands and several Broadway shows like Hairspray are booked through the next year. We sat in the mezzanine section of the first balcony; it still kind of sways but everyone in the house was standing and stomping along to Meg's beat, just because it was impossible not to.

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