02 September 2005

Cream Shop Friday: Vito Keeps Safe Distance from PetFence

(photo: "He did it, Mummy." Caroline is both distracted and in shock over Vito's meteoric success with the PetFence.)

It's official. The bumrushes are over. Vito has accomplished his greatest feat yet, proving once and for all that he CAN change. Caroline and I were walking on the sidewalk just outside the PetFence boundary. Vito sat on the driveway. Landscapers were mowing the lawn at the house across the street. He barked from the driveway. Three kids on scooters passed by, Vito stood up, barked, but did not advance from his position on the driveway. I don't want to celebrate prematurely but this is definitely a crucial breakthrough. Kudos, Vito, Kudos.


lp said...

WMD and I have a whole new level of love and respect for Vito and his over-affectionate, flip-flop lovin', boundary-abiding ways after my own flip-flop clad foot was attacked by a freakin' long-haired Dachshund this weekend. Vito is clearly bound by his duty to love and protect...without violence. Good dog!

Nice job, Vito! We are very proud.

KJ said...

LP! So sorry to hear that. I had a chunk taken out of my leg by a dachsund named "Maestro" when I was a dogwalker in 8th grade, And Bella (RIP) had her wee ass bitten by a scrawny dachsund named "Amy." Bitchy little dogs. Vito would never bite, only bark and bumrush...but it was terrifying for some passersby to see that butterball charging at them.

SB said...

I love this picture. So basically, you go to the end of the driveway and take a picture. Vito is dying to run to the end of the driveway, but scared sh*tless to do it. Going forward.. he'll creep up inch by inch until he gets zapped.

KJ said...

EXACTLY, SB. The fact that he didn't charge at the landscapers and kids on scooters was KEY, though. He usually has his wits about him enough if it's just me on the other side of the boundary. However, he generally suffers a complete loss of his faculties whenever a neighbor darkens the boundary and crashes headlong into the fence. He's learning!! It's a breakthrough!