14 September 2005


Because life should never get in the way of a cocktail-fueled chin wag, Suppah Club roared back to life with a vengeance last night, swooping onto the patio of the Red Fez in the South End. Even with 50 percent of members in attendance, it's clear the monthly event will endure, because an evening spent with friends is aways an evening well-spent. Buh.

That said, I foolishly forgot Ernesto Beanini's cell phone number and was unable to lure him to the chin waggin, even though he lives but minutes away. Sorry, Mr. Bean.xo


lp said...

That librarian dress of mine has certainly had its share of screen time.

September Supper Club was indeed a success and potentially the last outdoor supper club of 2005. Thanks for selecting such a perfect midweek Middle Eastern setting, Annie! Red Fez + Red Wine + Baba Ghanoush + Pals = Happiness.

Doubledown is Miss Supper Club October.

SB said...

Lots of pressure on you, Di. Don't be picking a place like The Quencher so you can get bombed and drag your ass across the street to pass out.

KJ said...

You mean "Cameo?" We missed the opportunity to refer to Doubledown by this clever nickname last night when she opted to go to the gym instead of making a "cameo" appearance at the Fez. I don't think the Quencha serves suppah which is a cryin' shame.

KJ said...

BTW, LP -- nice link to the previous libarian-dress outing. Nice touch.

BAGS said...

Mike and I talked about starting a rival "Supper Club" for the guys of the Pointy Universe. As a matter of fact, I think LP even challenged Mike to "bring it".

I can't imagine JJ, Mike, Body, Scott, T-Bag and Bags taking turns setting up dinner and drink parties to get sloppy and talk about the weekly gossip....oh wait a minute we do that at the Boston Commons and the Sweet Water Cafe after every Renegades game. Never mind.

SB said...

I hope the rain doesn't foil tonight's Suppah Club, Bags.