29 September 2005

Gaelic & Garlic

(photos: WMD "mans" the grill. LP whips up some magical potatoes. Beautiful evening.)

The "Gaelic & Garlic" cooking sensation of Perchard & Dell’Olio sponsored a very sophisticated-very adult dinner party at Chez Bags in Cohasset last weekend. If my culinary vocabulary were not limited to that of a 70s-era Shake-n-Bake commercial, I would be better able to describe the succulent feast for the eyes and belly set before us.

The celebratory dinner was in honor of Auntie's and Bags' nuptials almost one year ago and all attendees were as joyful as Patch, running excitedly from room to room throwing around the love with boundless abandon.

The Cakebread was flowing and, at times, taboo topics, like conversational gasoline, hovered too close to the flickering candles, as did Dreama's pointy finger.

And sometimes the Cakebread hovered too close to my pointy head and Goy's, forcing us to finish it off.

Everyone was starting to look alike, Scott Cyr "points" out.

Then it was time to dance.

Within our circle of friends, no evening is too softly-lit or refined that it cannot degenerate into something resembling a curbside ruckus outside of the Quencher Tavern. After exorcising Norma Desmond from Dreama's soul, we decided to give Mini Bags a special birthday gift: An unprovoked assault of roundhouse kicks and piledrivers.

But even that could not prevent Mini Bags from being a total party asshole.


BAGAS said...

Baby Bags is still recouperating and will be a game time decision for the next party. He has asked to be excluded from the next late night gathering at 121 Doane Street in Cohasset when alcohol is involved.

Like Terry Francona explaining a Red Sox defeat, Baby Bags was dumb-founded as to the events that transpired. "I don't know what happened. One minute I'm dancing with LP and the next minute I take a haymaker upside the head from Kate. Then my world went black when I became the party pinata." Good times, good times.

wmd said...

and I heeelped!

KJ, thanks for the kudos.. mmmmnnnn kuudoos. It was a great time. I got to act primal and grill meat while LP did all the real work of chopping, making sauces, potatoes and the other 90% of the meal so I will gladly jump on the bandwagon and take the compliments. I'm sure LP won't mind if we split them 50/50.

doctoreama said...

The night began on a civilized note and, after gallons of fine wine, degenerated into fisticuffs with a doll. Was it the pine nuts in WMD's delicious dessert or did Lauren marinate the pork tenderloin in an herb that she only THOUGHT was rosemary? "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille."--doctoreama, aka, Abnorma Desmond.

Celine said...

Baby Bags has some HIGH pockets in that photo with Jamie. Coincidence?

Gaelic said...

Ah, the evening was delightful. I am thankful that the arse photos did not make the blog. Thank you, KJ. Also glad that we didn't cause any fires or any trips to the E/R. WMD played a much more pivotal role in the preparation and execution of the meal than he would have you believe, but I'll take all the credit just the same. :) 'Twas a pleasure, y'all. Looking forward to many dinner parties in our future. The next one, of course, will be mac & cheese with a 2005 "diet Bud". Mmmmm...carbs.