11 September 2005

Sheepish Prank

(photo: "BRAAAA.")

For the second straight year, some buffoons have stolen a sheep from the Natural Resources Trust of Easton, dressed it in a bra, and left it inside of a dorm at Stonehill College.

Whether this is some Greg Bradyesque prank or flagrant bestiality is unclear but the poor sheep is reportedly "skittish" from the incident.

It's just plain odd. I'm well aware of the petty thievery and drunken tomfoolery that occur in college but I never recall any livestock being involved. One time, a coveted stool was stolen from a frequented establishment but it was returned the next day. Another time, there was the straight up larceny of a leather jacket from a pickled townie. The jacket was never returned, not because the offenders wanted it or lacked remorse, but out of the fear of being knifed.

Regarding the Stonehill perpetrators, the campus police chief said, ''This type of behavior is not consistent with the college's values nor does it represent the overwhelming number of compassionate students who make up our community." Clearly this man was not on the force when my brother and his cronies lived in the basement of Casino Hall.

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