23 August 2006

Apocalypse Cocktail Lounge: Crazy Fucker

"No kill you today. Kidding! I'm a kidder."

It's past midnight...Whew! August 22nd, the day that would be Doomsday has officially passed and we're still here. Rumors of the Apocalypse going down did not come to fruition. There is no nuclear annihilation to speak of, no horses galloping yonder, no Antichrist Tasering heathens and infidels. I guess any day you sidestep Armageddon is a good day. Still, Ahmadinejad -- who started all this crap -- remains jacked up on uranium, determined to harnass energy for "peaceful purposes" a.k.a giant buckets of bombs. While we're safe for now, there is nothing like the threat of end times to make you live a little larger, stay in the moment, abandon tedium and have a little fun. Perhaps Mahmoud is catching the spirit as well -- he's started his own blog and is featured in, like, 92 You Tube videos.


Anonymous said...

The Dajjal is the greatest evil (fitnah) to appear on earth since the serpent of Eden. The Hadith predict that at the End Times, the Dajjal and his army will threaten to take over the entire globe, conquering some by military power, and seducing others with material prosperity. Then the Mahdi will appear, the purest Muslim since Mohammed. He will raise an army that includes 'Isha (the Muslim's idea of the second coming of Christ), and the Mahdi will defeat and kill the Dajjal. The Mahdi will then rule over the world according to Islamic law. All non-believers will have been killed or converted.

Although the classical description of the Dajjal in the Hadith is that he's an evil one-eyed giant, since the 1980s many imams have been preaching that the image of a "one-eyed giant" is just a metaphor for the USA as a superpower and for the materialistic Western culture that is overrunning the world (see the One Eye on the back of the dollar bill).

That is why they will not be daunted by a show of US military force. They are convinced that their scripture guarantees them eventual total victory over us, despite our apparent strength. Though they may, strategically, bide their time now and then -- after all, in their minds it's still a long way to 2076, so there's no hurry to subdue us yet.

There's a popular Muslim belief that the world will end in 2076, the Muslim year 1500 AH. As bad as things are now, expect the Islamicist terrorism to increase as we inch toward that date. We are only on the outer circles of the maelstrom.

KJ said...

Well. Thank you for that spirit torpedo this morning, anonymous.