28 August 2006

Lily Pad

Lily, a much celebrated 11-week old King Charles Cavalier, has taken up residence in a new pad -- or new stoop, if you will -- at Chez Cameo in Southie.

We spent an afternoon in Lily's shadow, walking around Castle Island where we were stopped every 10 feet so passersby could admire Lily's delicate puppiness up close. And Lily was all too happy to oblige.

Still flying high from an uncharacteristically gushing display of affection from Princessica a few days earlier, Lily caused Cameo to worry that this perpetual adulation was turning her pup into a bit of an "attention whore." This notion disappeared faster than a discarded cheeseburger a few yards from Baron for Lily has the goods to back up her diva complex.

1 comment:

Cameo said...

Ahh....F*er, thanks for the pointy post. We had a GREAT time on Saturday. I hope you and Caroline were able to score some SF Lifesaver popsicles on the ride home. For those of you who haven't tried....do. They are a fruity delight.