31 August 2006

Paulie Shorn

(photo: "I eat waffles with my bare hands.")

Boulos has traded his trademark Brit Pop hairdo for a neater, more clean-cut style, one never seen on his delightfully round head. It pained me to have those wavy rock star locks chopped but they were becoming super-high maintenance and we're already suffering a massive deficit of downtime. From maple syrup residue above his ears to sweaty, salty curls plastered to his forehead, we were up to two, sometimes three shampoos a day -- which was no fun for anyone, trust me. But it's all worked out just fine. Post haircut, our Crap Master P still has a bloody brilliant head of hair. He still smells like maple syrup too, new hairdo notwithstanding.

(photo: "Brit Pop's" forehead gets sticky under his lush bangs during hot and humid August days)


jal said...

Absolutely adorable.

Celine said...

Just when I thought Paulie couldn't get any cuter! Love the new look!

jal said...

I especially like the Messianic Glow behind his newly shorn head.

lpd said...

How flippin' cute is that kid? The sun shines brightly on Paulie's new 'do, indeed. Lookin' good, little man. Must be the maple syrup hair gel. Mmmm-mmm-MMMMM!!!! HOpe to catch up with you cats this weekend! xoxo