24 August 2006


Last night's jubilant Suppah Club at Bacco (not Bricco) in the North End brought resolution to a long-standing philosophical quandary:

Question: What makes a regular celebration a "jubilee?"

Answer: A shot of Limoncello.

Unresolved: What the hell IS that thing?


jal said...

I was truly honored to be invited to the Jubliee that was last nights "Suppah Club". Thank you ladies for a truly jubiliant evening.

Cameo said...

JAL -- You were a very welcome and fun addition to the monthly supper club rituals. I'm thinking Toro next month. You in? Hope to see you there!

PS: Didn't Friendly's offer an ice cream Jubilee? I believe it was a log of ice cream covered in jimmys (or sprinkles as I call them). Note: I stumped Google Images with this entry. No pics available.

jal said...

Cameo - thank you so much.

As for Friendly's it's the Jubilee Roll. They also make the Wattamelon Roll, Orange Creme Roll, Party Roll and Tiramisu Roll. See link below. I'm kinda scared.


LPD said...

Suppah Club Jubilee! Such a lovely time. (That image of the floating head sculpture must be the Limoncello Fairy of Italian folklore.)

I declare, we must have extended feasts in the North End with all pals on a more frequent basis. Such a energetic, carb-fueled vibe in the North End.