10 August 2006


(The terror plot to blow up U.S.-bound airliners with liquid explosives was thwarted, but the threat level has still been raised to "HIGH.")

I don't think I've seen and heard such profuse usage of the word "thwart" in my entire life. Count how many times you see/hear that verb today, you'll be amazed. Things that TSA has thwarted: Carry-on luggage, beverages, shampoo, lotion, sunscreen, toothpaste, hair gel, and lip gloss.

Synonyms for thwart: bar, block, hinder, impede, obstruct; arrest, check, halt, stop; forestall, obviate, preclude; negate, neutralize, nullify; counteract, offset; conquer, defeat, overcome, put the kibosh on. (Merriam-webster.com)

The situation could've been much worse, but don't say that to poor Code Red today.

("Thwart, this.")


LPD said...

As I watched Michael Chertoff speak on the Today show, I turned to WMD and said, "This day is going to SUCK for Annie."

Hang in there CodeRed. I'm supposed to fly to Seattle on Tuesday and will be looking to you for the go/no go on that one.

KT said...

Code Red - I'm headed to Cape Girardeau, Missouri next week (yes, the beloved hometown of Rush Limbaugh). Is there any way you can raise the threat level to say, Purple, so as to "twart" my trip to the Bible Belt? 'preciate it.


P.S. I promise to leave my KY at home. How embarrassing would THAT be?

KJ said...

Flying without toiletries...I don't know, guys. Sounds risky. Make us all happy and stay home with your travel size KYs and conditioners.

Code Red said...

Thanks the thoughts everyone! LPD was right...yesterday did SUCK and I'm pretty sure today will too. No worries about flying to Seattle and Missouri...though you might want to head to the airport extra early. In fact, you might want to leave now.

I'm going to need some heavy-duty cocktails when this is over and, if anyone tries to stop me, I will THWART them!! KJ, I went out of my way NOT to use that word yesterday. I'm off to the airport now to see if I can pick up a National Guardsman! :)

jal said...

Code Red - I like your spirit!!!
A girl after my own heart - Guardsmen and all!

SB said...

Annie - you are like a superhero. All we need now is Tom Haley to work his clip art magic.

KJ said...

Hang in there Annie. You ARE a superhero. Weekend cocktails will NOT be thwarted. Feel free to bring along a few guardsmen.