22 August 2006

I Don't Want to Talk About It

(photo: The Jacksons and Sepecks in happier hours during the rain delay)

I'd rather talk about anything else than what went down at Fenway. I'd rather rehash Matt Del's discussion of "anal bleaching" that came out of nowhere during our pre-game dinner at Canestaro.

(photo: "Don't tinker with your sphincter")

The "silver bullet," my umbrella and would-be talisman, could not prevent the skies from opening up over Fenway. But I'm pleased to report that the rain delay was a high-spirited one.

I'm happy to talk about seeing Wally run amok on the concourse and how I half-expected to see Bags chasing him with an aluminum baseball bat.

Happy to say I ran into my old friend Bob from high school just outside the ladies loo.

I can talk about but wouldn't do justice to Dayna's pitch-perfect heckle of Jason Giambi: "WASH YOUR HAIR!"

I'd love to tell you all about these 2 guys:

1) The guy sitting behind us wearing an "A-Rod Drinks Winecoolers" shirt

2) Johnny Demon, who would bolt up the aisle -- his red satin cape flying behind him -- and bark at Damon whenever he was on deck.

All told, it was the most exciting game I've seen all season...until the ninth inning. Beyond that, I just don't want talk about it. But I will say this: At Fenway, there are two simple truths: Foul balls and bats will always hurt --- and the Yankees will always suck.


BAGS said...

Ah yes KJ, I was at the Sunday game also in the bleachers, which was littered with Yankees fans. After the rain delay the Sox faithful came out swinging, literally. It turned into a boxing match in Section 42.

The guy sitting behind us was wearing a tee shirt that summed it up poetically "A Rod sucks Randy Johnson." What a great family atmosphere.

Celine said...

I love that Dayna was heckling Giambi on washing his hair. Why is it that he looks like he's just been dipped in bacon grease every time he steps up to the plate?

There is no Yankees player that makes my skin crawl more than Giambi. I was ranting to Keith about this just the other night. He's a bloated CHEATER and as my Mom would say he's just plain "seedy" looking.

EPB said...

KJ - you must get in touch w/ me the next time you guys and others are coming into the city for a Sox game or another event! I would love to catch up with you guys....