07 August 2006

Princess Party

We came from near and far -- from the South Shore and South Boston -- to gather on the outskirts of the South End. Joe, all furtive, planned surprise cocktails for his bride at Flash's, inviting all to rally around Jess as she turned 20-15 over the weekend. James and I hailed a magic carpet from the Park Plaza and made it there in time to celebrate with our pal, known and loved by all as "Princessica."

While the party did not feature sparkly tulle and fairy dust like the princess party pictured here, it was equally full of wonder. Before he left, Paul "Drop and Roll" McCuen upped the creative ante. Should he ever see his name in print, he wants any attribution to be prefaced by the adjective "aging _____." We were charged with coming up with a noun but came up empty in the haze of pinot grigio and indian techno ringing in the ears. Sunday brought clarity, however, and it became glaringly obvious: "Aging F.O.P'" -- Father of Princessica.

Happy Birthday, Jess! And thank you, Joe, for a fantastic celebration....and for picking up the tab!

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