19 March 2007

Pull up a Chaise: Happy St. Paddy's.

(photo: It was really tough to find a parking spot in Southie on St. Paddy's, the day after a major snowstorm)

Yesterday, Mama-to-be Princessica picked me up around 12:30 and we headed into the city to meet with Cameo and Code Red for an Irish luncheon in Southie.

St. Patrick’s Day in Southie is never a quiet affair but we were determined to find a place that walked the line between “too crazy” and “just crazy enough” for a quick lunch. We walked up to The Playwright but it was oozing green beads and filthy mouths; Marlboro Light enthusiasts (*sigh*) spilled out onto the sidewalk talking about the muthafuckin’ wait for the bathroom line. Clearly a no-go. Should we flee to Amhreins? To Potbellies? To Lucky’s? Even though we assumed it’d be worse, we decided to mosey on down Broadway to the Boston Beer Garden. Pleasant surprise: It was crowded but not obnoxiously so.

(photo: Princessica and Cameo feeling the BBG. Annie and I were feeling it too but our digicam photo has vanished!)

We were seated at the BBG within 20 minutes and traded in the corned beef and green beer for turkey tips and pinot grigio. We also began harassing BG via text messaging as he was stuck at work and we were hoping to give him a reprieve from Fido slavery. His response: Just trying to tie up some loose ends so he could "sizzle up his moobs in Santa Monica next week."

Then, just as we were applauding ourselves for finding the exact niche we’d sought, a DJ from WZLX started screaming into his microphone about a Killian’s Red promotion. Scantily-clad -- albeit tired looking –“ Killian’s Girls" began trolling the bar handing out green beads. Next thing you knew, Journey songs were blaring from all corners of the restaurant. Suddenly, it was the exact opposite of the niche we’d sought. But, after a few glasses, we were into it.

After lunch, Cam and Code Red headed off to meet BG at the Quencher. Mama Jess and I headed back to the South Shore, whereupon 3/4s of the Jackson clan blew up the Dell’Olio’s house for some exquisite pulled pork sandwiches. YUMMY.

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