11 March 2007

BEATLEJUICE: What to do now?

(Brad Delp, lead singer of the bands Boston and Beatlejuice, was found dead in his New Hampshire home on Friday.)

Tears. While I was never a big fan of Boston, I always loved going to see Beatlejuice at Johnny D's in Davis Square -- a venue the band has played numerous times since forming in 1996. I was on Johnny D's Web site just last week because I was in need of a fix. B-Juice -- one of the best Beatles cover bands of all time -- was actually scheduled to play there tonight. Sadness.

"We're really kind of walking around in a daze," Johnny D's booking agent, Dana Westove told the Globe last night.

Each of its more than 50 appearances was sold out and we were among them many times. Whenever we saw them, we transformed Johnny D's into a scene straight out of Jesus Camp. Total worship, wholly deserved.

According to the Globe:

Though some fans were initially drawn by Mr. Delp's Boston fame, they came back for the group's ebullient performances, in which he always dedicated "All You Need Is Love" to the lovers in the audience.

"Not only was the band really sharp, but Brad had this uncanny way of becoming John Lennon, and Paul McCartney and Harrison too," said Westover, who called Mr. Delp 'a dear friend' to the club. He planned to have a tribute to him at the venue last night.

"I think everyone who hears this news today, the first thing they think is, 'Oh my God, he was such a nice guy.' " Westover said. He was "one of the most congenial guys I ever met

I love that observation. The music industry -- actually, any industry today -- is so packed with egos and self-important assholes. I think Brad Delp is being paid the highest compliment being recognized as not only a rock star, but a decent, down-to-earth person.

What to do now?

Click here to read Steve Morse's moving piece on Delp.


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Devastating. Delp was fantastic as the Beatlejuice frontman. Amazing ability to morph into the voice of each Beatle and sound spot-on. To learn that he may have taken his own life is even more heartbreaking. R.I.P. indeed.