02 March 2007

Random Quizzilla

1) What was a funny word you said as a child (such as "pasketti" for "spaghetti")?
I used to call thunder “BAHnoo.”

2) Do you have a scar anywhere on your body? If so, what caused it?
I’ve got several. I have a pretty substantial one my left side from a spinal fusion I had when I was 15. It’s faded a lot over the years. I used to love to tell people who inquired about it that I “got knifed.” I have a small six-inch C-section scar courtesy of the wee brown ones – it’s barely noticeable anymore. I’ve also got a tiny three-inch scar caused by a flying Dr. Scholl’s Exersole sandal and a small one on my right knee that I got after falling off my bike when I was nine.

3) Have you ever seen a tornado (in real life)?
No, but I am dying to. Obviously, I don’t want to be hit by one or anything but I am a certified storm whore and can't get enough of big-ass thunderstorms. One day, I hope to convince my family to join me on a Stormchasing vacation on tornado alley. It's gotta be more fun than Disney World.

4) Are you a dog person or a cat person? What does the answer say about you?
I'm definitely a dog person but I like cats too. I think it says I'm a spaz.

5) Fill in the blank: I have always thought __make(s) me look __.
I have always thought that bangs make me look like Pat Benatar. But I watched the Devil Wears Prada last night and now I want them. Someone PLEASE talk me out of it.


lpd said...

1) Funny childhood word...
It's no "wonga", but the closest thing I have is this: when I'd help my mother pick dead leaves off our houseplants, I called them "diamonds." Makes no sense.

2) There is a scar on the side of my knee from tripping up some cement stairs on my way INTO an after-hours party at Westfield. Nice.

3) Never saw a tornado in real life, but saw the Storm Chasers IMAX movie.

4) I am a dog person. Probably means I'm an affectionate, restless, emotional slob who likes to oversnack. ;)

5) I have always thought that low-rise jeans make me look like I'm wearing a flesh-toned innertube belt 'round my dungarees.

KJ: Don't get bangs. You hated them in 1991, you'll hat them again.

sb said...

1) What was a funny word you said as a child (such as "pasketti" for "spaghetti")? I have no idea. I’m sure I said something stupid though, since as an adult I still say stupid words (Zibba Zibba?).

2) Do you have a scar anywhere on your body? If so, what caused it? A few. I have one under each eyebrow. The first b/c I slipped in the back of Rich Caporelli’s snowy pick-up truck (booze) and hit my head on the side of the truck bed. The 2nd b/c Yonnett and I got into a fist fight and he decided to involve the pavement. I also have a scar under my eyebrow b/c I had a cist removed as a baby. And last but not least a scar near my temple from having pre-cancer removed last year.

3) Have you ever seen a tornado (in real life)? No, but I’d love to. Or a hurricane. Apparently a tornado hit less than a ¼ mile from our house 1 year before we moved to Ashburnham in ’76.

4) Are you a dog person or a cat person? What does the answer say about you? DOG. Definitely a dog person. I sort of hate cats, but Tom/Dawn’s cats Pumpkin & Piewacket (sp?) make an exception. My answer doesn’t say anything except that it pisses me off when you call a cat and it doesn’t respond. Show some respect cat, or you’ll be walking the tops of fences looking for empty tuna cans in the trash.

5) Fill in the blank: I have always thought __make(s) me look __. I have always thought LEATHER PANTS make me look GAY.

Code Red said...

1) Instead of "sandwich," I evidently said "swancha." Peanut butter and jelly swancha. Yeah, I was wicked smart.

2)Do I have any scars? Yup, three. One on my right temple acquired at birth when (mothers-to-be...stop reading!) the surgeon delivering me via C-section cut a little too deep....gross, huh? And my parents didn't even sue. The second scar is from surgery I had when I was 10 and the third scar is on my left hand when, as a child, I decided to test how sharp a razor blade was by running it along my finger. Like I said, I was wicked smart. :)

3) I've never seen a tornado, but I did experience Hurricane Rita when I was in Baton Rouge, LA. I have a friend living in Iowa who's experienced tornados first hand. In fact, one time I called her and she told me she was taking refuge in the basement and would have to call me back. She says the sky turns an eerie greenish color just before it hits. I'd love to see one...just not from a mobile home.

4) I love dogs and cats although I'm not a fan of those cats that want nothing to do with their owners. I've always had cats that acted like dogs....greeted me at the door, curled up next to me on the sofa etc.

5) I've always thought that my glasses make me look like a total dork. So I refuse to wear them when I'm meeting friends out and I'm trying to find them in a crowded bar...because squinting and circling the bar seven times with a panicked look on my face is so much cooler!!

jal said...

1. I used to say "comm-err-tion-al" in stead of commercial. My cousin, when reading a bottle of calamine lotion said "do not put on your guh-knee-shulls" That stuck with me to this day.

2. I have a big scar on my right side from where I had a chest tube following a right lung collapse after a car accident in 1988. Lost a week of my life but I'm here not to remember it so I guess that's ok.

3. Never seen a tornado except on TV but I'd gladly take that vacation with you KJ.

4. Dog. It's the unconditional love thing but they are so high maintenance. A cat you can leave for a weekend or longer and they're ok.

5. I have always thought just about anything makes me looks fat. SB do you own leather pants?

Alex said...

1) To this day, I have no idea how to pronounce "drawer". It's different each time.

2) A few, most notable from the sand-spike I put thru my foot on Nauset Beach circa '82

3) No tornado's, which actually makes me wonder if the internet has reached those "fly-over" states yet. I bet there's no 'yes' on this one.

4) I hate cats, they are smarter than me

5) I think my beard makes my face look less fat and I am so ready for leather pants!

sb said...

No leather pants, JAL. That comment was pure speculation.

jal said...

Ahhh - thanks for the clarification.

EPB said...

1. I can't remember any words that I used to say funny as a kid but I always say Vietnamese incorrectly. I end up saying Vietmanese.

2. I have 3 knife like scars, two on my back and one on my side from an operation on my lung. I too tell people I was mugged and stabbed which most people don't find ammusing when I tell them I am kidding.

3. Never seen a tornado. I am addicted to National Geographic HDTV though and feel as though I have experienced one.

4. Originally a dog person and still am but cats are cool. They are killing machines that dogs could only wish to be. They are also more athletic than dogs but their lack of affection will keep them in 2nd place on my scale.

5. wearing black pants makes me look like a waiter

Pam said...

1. Still have problems with the word linoleum. Now just call it "vinyl flooring" - much easier.

2. Have scars aplenty. Would like to make them sound more interesting but the majority are on the ankles from bad shaving accidents as a teen and one is over my right eyebrow from the chicken pox.

3. Being from south, we get tornado warnings and watches all the time. I believe we witnessed a mini-tornado last fall when the kids trampoline almost flew away...

4. I am a dog person. This says that I am a selfish person who demands love unconditionally. A cat is too stuck up to give love like that!

5. I too have a strong suspicion that a white top with black pants resembles a waiter/waitress ensemble. I avoid putting these two together.